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Man: New season cravat " the neck is not breathtaking oath endlessly "

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Cravat serves as a kind of old traditional product, it is the annotate that serves as exalted position all the time. A charge for the making of sth. is elegant the classical adornment that the cravat with downy feel is each males.

Tide: Cravat has spent dress

Cravat from be invented up to now, passed reform incomputably and change, size is a kind, accident is a kind, design and color also is a kind. Until on century after 50 time narrow cravat just replaces choker to make trend; Arrived 60 time, before black cravat is replaced by new facial expression and fabrics gradually, develop all the way after that come down. Now day, all sorts of big flowers, broken beautiful design and contain are full-bodied the cravat of ethical gust made the main trend.

Material is qualitative: Silk be in power

Two years ago, the cravat that pledges with different capable person is tie-in and different the shirt of quality of a material and coat are the most popular wear a law. But at this late hour, if who is still recommending nylon to you or the word of cravat of abb quality of a material, he comparatives certainly OUT. This is the new law that from last year second half of the year begins: Advanced cravat can be silk only. Of course, in braid on it can be drawn lessons from originally in nylon cravat common not neat texture.

New one season width: Collarband is first

Say commonly, thin V-neck belt suits what lie fallow a little to dress up, the shirt of this kind of type is small “ commonly 8 ” glyph, at this moment tie tie should be hit so that grow a little a few, had better let cravat written guarantee top is covered by collarband. And wear formal suit (outside 8 ” of “ glyph collarband) when, still had better choose a level 8.5 centimeters of choker. And as it happens is contrary last year is, popular this year choker also makes little bow tie, can make the person appears so more spirit some.

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