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Cravat little common sense

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The antecedents of cravat:

Seventeen century, regard Louie as the Crusades of 14 employ army, soldiers also are surrounded on the neck with a kind of colourful list, regard a kind of amulet as it. Later, this kind of circumstance caused the attention of the French with strong curiosity, removed a name to call A of " family service to take off " to it (Collerette) . Improve ceaselessly on the foundation of this list from the respect such as design, material, colour, decorative pattern, make list had substaintial change, rise very quickly in the be current in a few nobles, become common practice, became a kind of luxuriant adornment.

·How to choose cravat:

(one) choose cravat according to color of skin
1.The person with deeper color of skin, unfavorable with brunet cravat, and with cravat of medium, light color advisable
2.White color of skin matchs a brunet or colourful tie the meeting is very dazzing
3.The person with ruddy complexion in order to be plain coloured cravat is beautiful

(2) choose cravat according to bodily form
1.The person with tall stature can tie odd beautiful tie, design and color should expert
2.Sawed-off person should make twill tie, can compare it seems that actual tall
3.It is advisable that the person can tie big beautiful tie
4.Fat person should be fastened red, orange, yellow wait for warm tonal cravat, the outspread feeling generation that uses cravat inspects illusion,
In order to make up for fat deficiency

(3) choose cravat according to business suit, shirt
1.Deep - shallow - dark tie-in magic art: Namely the collocation of shirt of brunet business suit, light color, brunet cravat, use this
Methodological person is more, in order to highlight grave, elegant wind model
2.Shallow - in - easy tie-in way: Namely light color business suit, medium the collocation of cravat of the shirt that spend color, light color, use
This method is expressive romance, recreational good way
3.Deep - in - easy tie-in way: Namely brunet business suit, lubricious shirt is spent in, the collocation of light color cravat. This kind
Tie-in meeting gives a person a kind of mature sense.