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The cravat of careful doctor transmits a bacteria

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In normal hospital, people often sees the doctors that wear white unlined long gown are making tie, appear very spell able. But, american researcher warning says recently, the doctor's cravat may make the transmission way of disease of a few infectivity.

One studies the group discovers, the cravat of the medical worker of close half carries the bacterium that can cause infection. Researcher expresses, the doctor's cravat has the potential risk that spreads the bacteria the patient, must give take seriously.

Elder brother doctor is in Steven Nuer this one discovery that he reported on conference of American society microbial association. The tie that the security personnel personnel of the assistant to doctor, doctor, student that joins an exercitation and hospital wears researcher undertook an analysis, they discover, the tie that the clinician of 47.6% wears hides but deadly bacterium. The cravat that this one word is the security personnel staff that same home hospital is affected is 8 times more proportional.

Doctor of exert Er elder brother points out, these discovery are derivative a such problems: The doctor hits cravat to whether accord with a patient most golden eggs. He says: "Similar research reminds us, we may take what thing sickbed side. Move outfit is orderly the professional atmosphere that added a hospital, also can raise the patient's hope. The administrator of a few senior doctors and hospital often encourages employee to make tie, the purpose is the help promotes this kind of very valuable relation. But such doing, they may be abet contagious biologic travels. "

Spokesman of association of British medical treatment expresses: "People is helped up via often going with the hand cravat, clean cravat rarely however, this means them the likelihood is pestiferous. I think the doctor was not necessary to be not dozen of cravat when visit patient cannot. "

Suddenly straps the Si Ke in gram of adviser of London university microbiology think, the sanitation that holds a hand is more more important than maintaining the sanitation of the dress. He says: "The other part of the dress also can catch a bug possibly, for example cuff, and the possibility that cravat is affected is more than cuff and trousers. " Ke Bo straps point out: "Remember please, the hand is the most important bacterial transmission way, then the doctor is before osculatory patient should first relieve oneself. Compare with the wholesome appearance that notices cravat, I hope people notices the sanitation of the hand more.

Editor: Child Jin origin: Beijing youth newspaper