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Cravat common sense

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Look from the configuration feature of cravat, have the following kinds normally:
1, arrowhead cravat, it is the basiccest form in cravat, the person that the department is used is most general. All cut into parts with silken makings commonly make, inside
Line wool lining expects, reason appears bouncy, not easy cockle. Because of the size of this cravat the head of two end shows triangular arrow
Shape, reason calls arrowhead cravat. There is printing on design, knit two kinds of flowers, use amount is the largest in cravat type.

2, crop cravat, a kind of style that is cravat changes. Modelling is taken than arrowhead V-neck slightly short and narrow, it is mostly with element
The knitted fabric of color or jacquard weave is cut into parts make, because the two end of this cravat are shown,make the same score model, friend says crop V-neck is taken.

3, line ring cravat, call filar rope cravat again. The structure is relatively simple, with the filar rope of a color, surround in collar,
Had strung together in front the metal among covers a mouth, cover a mouth to make relatively delicate, adornment has figure above. Department of line ring cravat uses brief home remedy
, after the department is used, appear relaxed and lively.

4, lace bow tie, say again western type cravat. Falling in collar with black or amaranthine lace is to use one bowknot among ahead
As adornment.

5, broad look cravat, ASCOT cravat is called in abroad, it is one of cravat style. When using, do not need to tie a knot, surround with the department
The way of towel is same. In Euramerican each country it is to be in formerly marry use on celebration, bridegroom regards formal by day formal attire as one case form a complete set make
With. But imprint those who have pattern do not belong to place of formal attire form a complete set to use range however, however the youth serves as pay attention to a kind of report that dress up.

6, piece shape cravat, it is a kind of style of traditional cravat, very few already somebody uses nowadays, oversew with two silken makings and
Into, shorter, ministry of the both ends when the department is used hands in superposition, secure with tiepin among, colour is given priority to with black.

7, towel shape cravat, it is a kind of style of traditional cravat. Its form and style and group of our country youth fasten used red scarf
Similar, make with silken makings.

8, alary cravat, abbreviation bow tie, weigh bowknot again. General component kind, small get flower and bowknot. Small get a flower main
Use at wearing ceremonial robe or dress, have black and white and dichromatic, white-collar flower is used only deserve to wear swallow-tailed coat; Small black get a flower to be used at deserving to wear small formal attire and ceremonial robe or dress
Varietal. Bowknot is small lead beautiful development and come, bigger than getting a flower, form after image only volant the butterfly that is about to fly, this gets friend renown.
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