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Fittings regulation of the man

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Be about to know the discretion that dress of a man savours, the detail that should have a look at his body to go up only is OK. An an a pair of shoes, cravat, common shirt, can show his dress level without involuntary discharge of urine.
Shoe: Every 3 days had better be changed
Good shoe should be beautiful with comfortable have both, deft and springiness. The shoe of Oxford of black close head of elegant tradition, it is the optimal choice that business affairs dinner party and office building gentlemen go to work, it and of all kinds business suit can cooperate tacit understanding. But concolorous shoe had better match when wearing brown department dress. Black shoe and brown shoe are the essential thing in man shoe ark. But remember, although the action of the shoe is important, but also cannot compare systemic dress more dazzing, look to resemble a pair of him shoes far otherwise pace is worn measured steps goes.
Wear when installing leather shoes, cannot wear athletic socks, and should wear abb socks or filar socks. The color of the sock is beautiful with black, deep gray, abstain from light color, ten million cannot flowery. And a leg of a socking wants tall, bounce is close friends, lest sits, show the leg with one clumsy cut. Every pairs of shoes do not wear 3 days of above continuously, often change a shoe, already benefit the health care at the foot, can avoid shoe to be out of shape again, always still can have new feeling.
Cravat: Balance the ligament of inside and outside
Again poor man also can prepare a few cravat for oneself. Business suit, cravat, shirt 3 person tonal should be harmony, and cravat is 3 person in the markeddest. The mass-tone attune of cravat must be distinguished somewhat with the shirt. But when cravat choice and appearance are fastened with color, color should compare appearance brighter; When the tie-in method that takes as comparative as business suit look when cravat, the purity of cravat color wants to reduce. Monochromatic, stripe, dot, fine style, regular pattern, it is the grooviest. Color of the cravat when wearing ceremonial robe or dress as far as possible some graver, resemble big flower those who glow is design, improper. If not be special hobby, had better not use vermeil cravat.
Of cravat plunge into a law to have several kinds, the principle is: Of the shirt get part bigger, cravat ligate must be jumped over big; Get horn to exceed a top, cravat ligate must be jumped over small; Cravat is middle, corresponding tie tie also is plunged into moderate. Tie good tie, length is beautiful with exceeding leather belt. If wear three-piece suit outfit, should put cravat the vest in. Prospective just a little inside year, dozen of law of cravat give priority to with slightness, look slender, gentle, very get used to agitation restoring ancient ways.
Condole belt: The ornamental that cannot use at the same time with leather belt
The adornment sex function that condole takes is very strong. One matchs outside shirt or sweater fine thin coriaceous condole band, look tasteful, grace. When late banquet if do not want to wear vintage three-piece suit business suit, can abandon go vest, add area of condole of a printing. The function of condole belt and leather belt is similar, so usually, they won't appear on one individual body at the same time.
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