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Tie causes eye exhaustion too closely

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The office work that Mr Li is in a company. When he just went to a company, the manager raises a requirement to him: Working hours must tie tie. Mr Li is done strictly by the manager's requirement, everyday cravat plunges into the quadrature in the compasses in getting. But latter, mr Li is constantly when volt case job, feel the eye has some of strut, see a thing blur a bit, look up see far symptom disappear.

Mr Li comes to the capital ophthalmology of a large hospital sees a doctor. The doctor did eyesight to detect for him, eye ground examination, did not discover any myopic symptoms and other and clinical symptom. The doctor enquires Mr Li job and habits and customs carefully. Mr Li is in lower his head to see a doctor aside fill in anamnesis, not a little while, he feels the eye is a little punch-drunk again. Pass spot observation and analysis one time, the doctor thinks, the likelihood is Mr Li cravat fasten too closely bring about an eye to inspect content faintness.

The doctor says to him, when cravat is fastened too closely, the meeting is oppressive carotid with nerve, normal blood current opens block up human body, cause cerebral ministry to be short of blood, anoxic, bring about normal nutrition supply to suffer be restricted, drag in optic nerve and oculomotor nerve, appeared thereby eye strut, treat the symptom such as thing faintness. Especially a few clerks that pursue article table job, when because lower one's head,working, cravat is opposite a few closer, symptom of strut of the eye when looking up alleviates somewhat, should loosen cravat a little only a few, the symptom can disappear naturally.

Statistic of some medicine data makes clear, great majority binds the man of cravat, because cravat is fastened too closely, cause a fatigue symptom. The tie that resembling Mr Li is a model causes a fatigue symptom too closely, if appear for a long time these symptoms, bring about myopia likely to wait. For this, oculist admonishs people, often fasten the person of cravat, the attention does not tie tie too closely, let a neck a proper freedom is spent, can protect an eye effectively so. In the meantime, oculist also reminds those people that pursue article table job, do not lower his head working hours is too long, answer to often look at distance, let an eye had rested.