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Cravat chooses way is analysed greatly

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You are a man, the work force that chooses cravat is indispensable, if you are a woman, you should know more, the whole of husband male friend is dressed up, master in your hand, although collocation does not have fair formula but character, but cut a dot basically to still must master, make cravat produces the effect of batman muscularity result, bring the sense of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, the fittings that goes up in modelling collocation as a result of the male nevertheless is far what come as the female is rich and changeful, accordingly, it is innocent that a man has 20 tie, best all can have main primary design and color all ready, answer handy of all sorts of business suit ability.

The over all dimension of ★ cravat

Will generally tell, the man's cravat had better should not be too long or too short, its are last and most advanced place is best just can touch leather belt annulus is buckled, it is to be appropriate, and standard length falls at about 55 inches or 56 inches, the length between 140~144 centimeter is actor choosing, and the width of cravat is very important also, although can have as tide,rise and fall change, but basically the width of cravat should be adjusted each other with the width with turndown business suit cooperate. Present standard gets bandwidth is from cravat extreme the widest point is calculated measure, make an appointment with left and right sides of 4 flower 吋 , be equivalent to 10 centimeter left and right sides, it is to be able to include thinking range. But, these basic data, best still can the bodily form of person of according to case comes consider, lofty the chunk head of power Meng, the cravat of wide cut is more appropriate, fine and emaciated bamboo pole, of narrow cut righter model.

The material of ★ cravat is qualitative

Silk is the first selection of cravat quality of a material, feeling of burnish of dot of its color belt is unapt however excessive and dazzling, make in use upper limit accordingly less, in addition, the tenacity with qualitative silk, regain power tall, a regular repetition of classics use. The others is like the material with knitting, qualitative linen-cotton, yi Ke chooses a few, cooperate recreational and relaxed dress collocation, and the cravat of rayon, new when appearance is supereminent, but after be being used for many times, easy generation holds easy metabolic issue, use period of time to have to discard, it is OK to might as well at this moment the modal principle with tall epidemic will choose. On the ply tactility of cravat, be sure to keep in mind! Not too heavy panel or thin, the cloth of heavy panel, bow tie is met too massiness is protuberant, too thin material for making clothes, bow tie is formed hard.

The design and color of ★ cravat, design, design

Generally speaking, plain coloured cravat collocation sex is the strongest, make mistake very hard, and easy elaborate manufactures the feeling with extreme flavour, grain of graph of the twill of the others, dot, geometry, or the petty design that is regular sex, it is pretty good buy money, as to the graph grain of paramecium, relaxed hour common sense can wait in recreational travel, and not easy and smudgy, it is hour going to work only, had better avoid, have break decorous, and blatant decorative pattern, nifty cartoon design, exaggerative and mixed pattern, request! Do not take please ~~ is harmful and it is profitless to make trouble! Altogether, taste is bit more conservative, always be easy and safe pass a barrier.
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