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Cravat 29 things

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Have good fortune need not all day long is worn write formal dress man going to work, to shirt suit commment, most propbably is Casual dress lets body solution cover more, be the first to be affected, it is a neck that cravat, although, cravat already was man minority can change every day, however need not excessive concern " woman very " " common overdoes " . . The advantageous sheet of commment of and so on is tasted, of course, avoid above effect, also must cooperate an individual to savour, ability count.

Cravat in men's clothing history the sheet that is gallant full of mettle originally is tasted, enlist with business suit outfit rise to power and position, the earliest but backdate arrives 17 centuries, 30 years of wars that Europe starts in Keluoaixiya, a group of Keluoaixiya the Scarf that mercenary dress appears, it is cravat predecessor allegedly, the four seasons of French road Yi Shishi, just be cravat with French Cravate formal renown.

Every season also has tie trend but abide, size edition is a kind, design and color is a kind, nevertheless, mix gradually in recent years, size of degree of finish has each support a brand, narrow edition is modern, wide edition is elegant, it is the consensus that puts all the four seas to all allow; A kind of view, it is cravat wide cut and width of the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket should become direct ratio, namely with horizontal face of level of the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket the widest position is accurate, the choice is close to the cravat of width, intention is the harmony of the V-Zone before balancing a bosom and balance; In a word, the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket is wider, cravat width increases according to scale with respect to this, for example 8, 9 centimeter left and right sides.

The equational interest that vogue encircles pair of good sides is not high, be in however of cravat " adornment function " , bring up new topic again and again, for example, preference of beautiful type brand and shirt fasten collocation with color, italian avant-courier brand is likely edition slightness, employ leather even; Chun Xia change of tie of a few trademarks is multistage, spread its tail of just like peacock, be worth a man to take advanced courses research.

Prada female put on " the peacock is installed " , men's clothing lets peacock feather be in cravat be the champion, miu Miu criterion the bright-coloured and unique flower geometry figure on embroider, two brands have " cravat has spent dress " imposing manner, difficulty sincere belong to senior class degree; Stripe cravat has also have sth. worth seeing or reading quite, compare new position, it is the bright-coloured contrast, color streak that has general general interest quite cravat, british Burberry Prorsum is optimal example, not merely the shirt is good match, hit intentionally on the Polo unlined upper garment of academic wind, also do not have a taste of new clear male young animal.
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