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Barbados: tie fashion of the lead dancers

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Barbados Group has long been a "city of Chinese ties," the leader and the leader, and become the world's largest manufacturer of high-grade tie, while growth in Asia's largest yarn-dyed jacquard silk tie necktie fabric and finished professional production base; core products, "Barbados" promotion to tie the Chinese brand names, national inspection-free products, "Barbados" trademark was awarded China Famous Brand. Butterfly brand of hard-won In the tie Xingye started a brand is much more difficult than 做 clothing brand, so many people Haoqibabei brand is how to do, at a press view, this head of gold with the Barbados Group, Yao has a lot to the business philosophy. Ten years ago, Western Europe, and Beijing and many other parts of the mall, there yao dusty gold figure. When the eyes of a Road to explore the shuttle in the high-rises, a plume of smoke filled the thoughts drift in, a bold idea gradually took shape in his mind - to create "Chinese famous brand tie." "Sights to hard dry." Yao Jin Young began his starting point of the business. Even carrying a rate of 70% of the debt, he invested nearly a million, founded his own company, a tie - Zhejiang Barbados Group Limited. At the same time, also the first to introduce a variety of advanced weaving equipment, and its generous by many of the media at that time known as "China is a revolution in the history of tie fabric." Brand dream, Jinyao outset sights "first class" of the road: to hire first-class tie dress designer, weaving buy first-class equipment, first-class design system architecture, coupled with the introduction of first-class business talent, Pakistan Pui-class image of the set is also a matter of course. Subsequently, a beautiful Barbados with a gesture, not fired a gun battle after another: the central station and other major media, advertising, fashion exhibition show, continuous release of the industry of fashion trends, a series of The huge amounts of money to build everywhere highlight Barbados "tie the Kingdom," the dream scene. "There is no time to build brands sharpen and cultural accumulation can not be imagined." To compete and foreign counterparts, Barbados should enter the international market, we must Lianhaoneigong. Although after a long period of time, Barbados had a period of "OEM" the green time, however, emit light of their still overwhelming: the advanced production equipment, scientific management, fashion and elegant design, solid internal strength basis, not only to attract more consumers and customers, and Valentino, Pierre Cardin, Arrow made so, without exception, these international top brands chose Barbados as the agents. Build a "Baby" brand Kingdom Barbados to host the instant embodiment of many famous brands of "aircraft carrier" has become the focus of many colleagues. But after the Jinyao unwilling people did not complacent, his terminal is built, "Barbados" brand Kingdom. For started, "Barbados" world fame, his equipment, technology, marketing, and cultural factors into the core of these brands to accelerate growth: Purchased several advanced weaving equipment ties and tie pattern computer design system, and continuous technological innovation, has hit the silk tapestry "painting" is applied to Barbados and the Zhejiang Institute of R & D cooperation scientific and technological achievements. Changed the nature of traditional marketing methods, a few million dollars investment in the World Trade Center opened in Hangzhou, "marketing headquarters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Barbados", employing more than 60 economic and business experts, launched a comprehensive CI PR market development. Into the more cultural connotation, hired costume designer for "Baby" into a strong individual character and pop elements; the same time, several exclusive sponsorship of the Chinese Weiqi Chess tournament, sponsored by Green City football team ... a large amount of money ... Now, many other companies have come tie requirements for the processing or agent Barbados, Barbados fully realized from the "do for others awake" to "other people for himself and do the wedding dress," the butterflies of the change. According to Jin Yao, the future of marketing outlets in Barbados three years, the country will reach 600 or more, and strive to achieve sales exceeded 20 billion yuan, to create "the world silk industry gathering place." Occupy the dominant position of the four major advantages Barbados now in firm size, level of equipment, research and innovation, brand management has obvious advantages in four areas. Scale in Asia. Group under the tie, clothing, weaving, silk, textiles 8 subsidiary companies 30 million annual tie, silk textile 600,000, 1,100 tons of Silk. Various economic indicators in the industry's first, largest in Asia's first peer. Global leader in equipment. Since June 1995, the first introduction of the Swiss "Sulzer Rooty" rapier, France "Staubli" electronic jacquard 6 (sets) and the German "Benninger," points after finishing machine 1 , Barbados led the industrial revolution TIE. Universal access to research and development. Group sales revenue per thousand per year for R & D, is the national and provincial science and technology departments were identified as "National Torch High-tech Enterprise", "high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province", "provincial enterprise technology center", "Provincial patent model enterprise level. " Operation of the brand leader. Barbados tie by China Famous Trademark, China Top Brand, Zhejiang famous brand of Zhejiang Famous Brand, agent Pierre Cardin, Arrow Development, and other world brands in the major cities of more than 500 agents and exclusive outlets.