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Zhejiang Shengzhou neckties to promote transformation and upgrading of industr

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Enhance the quality of textile products to promote, Shengzhou, Zhejiang Quality Supervision Bureau has recently organized the "necktie", "silk fabric", "synthetic silk fabrics" and other standard training courses, and introduced series of measures to boost regional economic development and Shengzhou neckties transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters. Introduced a series of measures to assist the Council include: the "tie" the industry standard promoted to national standards, so that Shengzhou Tie Industrial mastered the right to speak; implementation of brand strategy, brand-name products in the tie industry, new Zhejiang, Shaoxing, each a brand-name products ; in 21 enterprises in Zhejiang Shengzhou neckties use of signs on the basis of the regional brand, this year has added 16 companies allowed to use the logo; organizations tie business to develop a "green supply chain management" and "Silk classification" Union standards, the establishment of long-term mechanism to deal with technical barriers to trade; and the quality of the joint, Shengzhou, Zhejiang Shengzhou neckties established industrial technology innovation and service platform; invested 5.5 million yuan, and building a Testing Center of Zhejiang province-level apparel and industrial ties logistics center to provide testing services Open . May 2009, the Government of Zhejiang Province Shengzhou Tie Industrial Cluster Upgrading identified 20 pilot demonstration area one of the units. Currently, the city has a total of more than 1,900 corporate ties, employing over 50,000 people, an annual output of nearly 300 million ties, accounting for 90%, 40% of the world.