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Promote integration, create the "big tie," Industry

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More than half of the world who tie is manufactured in Shengzhou. But people do not meet in Shengzhou increase in the volume along the tie chain, they seek new breakthroughs and quality improvement. In recent years, industry consolidation Shengzhou neckties upgrading pull the curtain, guide enterprises to change to go it alone "production champion" for the division of labor in the "joint fleet", and guide enterprises to the industrial chain embarked on a more high-end, out of the one from massive economy to a modern industrial cluster development to upgrade the road. Expand the base, enhance the cost competitiveness November 19 this year, by the tie enterprises in Shengzhou 8 TIE established Logistics Company Limited and Guangxi Yongfu County entered into an annual output of 500 tons of raw silk, 1,000 tons of twisted wire joint projects. Last June, the city is still the backbone of tie enterprises in Sichuan, Yunnan, nearly a hundred acres to establish sericulture base. Shengzhou Necktie Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Qingyu said that after forming the bases, with an annual output of up to 80 million tons of silk, Shengzhou can acquire the raw materials to the right to speak. The largest tie company - Barbados Jin-yao, chairman, said: "The whole industry in Shengzhou neckties cost control will be an unprecedented increase." Tie enterprises in Shengzhou more than 1,300 current annual output of 300 million ties, amounted to more than 5,000 tons of silk, silk 95% of its raw material purchases from overseas, accounting for the country's total by more than 10% silk. Raw material market when the "trouble", Shengzhou neckties industry will fluctuate, the power of a business alone, it is difficult to resist the wind experience. Therefore, the extension of the raw material base of the joint enterprise of great significance. A more significant move was the capital, Shengzhou extension of sericulture base has been set up special funds, and planned construction of mulberry silk reserve deployment center. This year, with the silk raw material prices continue to rise, Shengzhou neckties and garment enterprises are under pressure, the extension of the base of the establishment of new impetus to industrial development. Less than a year, Shengzhou extension of the base has been operating for more than 1,000 tons of silk, Shengzhou neckties industry is not only guaranteed supply of raw materials, the price has formed a certain advantage. Last June, Barbados Group put up a factory Logistics Co., Ltd. Shengzhou neckties new signs. The seven ties by the local leading enterprise jointly set up a company, gather resources to play an important role. Last year, the logistics company in the form of group purchasing 500 tons of raw silk, this year more than 1,000 tons have been procured raw silk. Buy advantage because these ties silk enterprises significantly lower than the market price of raw materials prices. Zhou Qingyu introduced, including the Logistics Co., Ltd. Shengzhou neckties several logistics companies, including through expansion of mulberry silk base, contract, procurement of the collective bulk purchase of raw materials, to reduce production costs play a role. It is the control of upstream products, this year, the situation in raw material prices, the value of TIE is still faster rate of growth, January to October export value of $ 220,000,000, up 14.74% over last year. Integration to enhance and build development platform In Shengzhou, a tie needs to do the size of 26 procedures, more than one thousand tie most of the enterprises operate their own production processes. In recent years, has started 26 Shengzhou transformation and upgrading projects, and guide enterprises out of tie "small and complete" development pattern, through the scientific division of labor, re-integration of industrial chain. Has established several joint logistics company, in addition to the harmonization of procurement of raw materials, also storage, printing and dyeing, tie wire and other upstream projects together and make an inventory of member companies a billion dollars every year fund. Tie manufacturers in the action. As a tie production of supporting enterprises in Shengzhou Silk fabric finishing a number of enterprises have embarked on the United Way. Two years ago in the first half, the "China Business", "Pan," "King Kong" after finishing the three companies jointly set up in Shengzhou neckties finishing the largest enterprises - "Sanxin the whole industry", following a 60% Shengzhou neckties finishing business. The three companies in the finish, flatness and so on have their own characteristics, so that the complementary advantages. The original three companies have 12 transport vehicles, are only four. The original three large boilers, are only an annual energy savings of more than 100 million. Shengzhou City Government from the macro and long-term perspective, in order to build a development platform tie industry. November 26 this year, Shengzhou City, a logistics center at China Tie "Tie Dress Textile City International Exhibition Center" project ceremony. It is understood that the project is the logistics center in China Tie City, one of the important components of a total area of 121 mu, total construction area of about 12 million square meters, total investment of 3 billion. The city completed a logistics center in China is a tie trade, storage, exhibition, research, information, logistics, business and other professional market as one of the modern group, will be built into Shengzhou new landmark. In addition to building the platform entity, Shengzhou city government has invested 10 million yuan to build e-commerce platform. Shengzhou and "Ali Baba" cooperate in the implementation of the cluster industry e-commerce applications, "three-year action plan" to present more than 800 million has been invested. Currently, the city has a total of more than 1,000 suppliers and small and medium enterprises to become China TrustPass members. Tie enterprises in Shengzhou with "Zone Channel" to expand the sales channels, such as "Karl tie" from the application since e-commerce sales increased by 50% year on year. Meanwhile, 104 companies received through the network HSP 166 million in guaranteed loans. Depth of development, extend the industrial chain Investment of 60 million yuan into the flower database, known as the flower type TIE DNA library. After the completion of the first half of last year, has collected 200,000 of the original design pattern tie. Global patterns TIE database responsible person Tu Yongjian, said: "The original fabric Shengzhou only sell products to sell, with this database, we can sell sell creative design." As a platform, Shengzhou also set up a tie flowers Designers Association, regularly hire South Korea, Italy and other operational guidance to the designers. Barbados Group and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to start "degumming silk tie dyeing and finishing touch optimize the quality of the project"; guinea-Lang Group invested 25 million yuan to build from the digital fabric pattern design R & D Center; good luck to the implementation of a Group national industrial technology projects, with independent intellectual property rights through the use of antimicrobial technology modified silk, silk weight modification technology and digital weaving technology to form an annual output of 500 tons of functional (modified) silk, 2.5 million meters of silk fabric grade production capacity. R & D center through the establishment of professional design, acquisition of foreign design companies, with the power of university research institutes, Shengzhou neckties and garment industry design standards and R & D capability has been further enhanced. Shengzhou has established more than 1,000 million investment in a national quality inspection center and tie dress Shengzhou Tie Industrial Science and Technology Promotion Center, is the depth of development for the tie industry, providing technical support. Depth development of ties, but also for the formation of a certain size Shengzhou silk industry has brought convenience. Shengzhou has put forward the "Silk Development Plan", and strive through 5 years of hard work to ensure that silk production accounts for about 20% of the Shengzhou fight the production and processing, R & D, products, wholesale sales, information services, quality testing as one gathering place of the world silk industry. Many companies started production from the tie, knitted apparel products, increasing output, or even half of the total enterprise value. November 27 this year, Shengzhou, China Silk Association awarded "China's silk capital" plaque. In Shengzhou, the tie-based silk textile, silk knitting, clothing, and other three industrial clusters has been formed. This year, Shengzhou neckties and garment industry has been more than 23 billion yuan in output value.