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Range of fall after a rise of export of our country clothing is the biggest in S

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13 days, customs total office announced case of foreign trade of our country of before this year 9 months, among them dress kind range of export fall after a rise is the biggest. The personage inside course of study thinks, dress kind export fall after a rise already was inevitable, the speed of fall after a rise that is now only anticipates more than, predicting dress kind exit situation won't be improved first half of the year 2009 at least.

According to custom statistic, our country this year 1 to total value of foreign trade imports and exports will approach 2 trillion dollar in September, amount to one thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven billion one hundred million dollar, than last year the corresponding period grows 25.2% . Export among them amount to 1.074 trillion dollar, grow 22.3% . Accumulative total favorable balance of trade 180.9 billion dollar, drop compared to the same period 2.6% . Among them the exit amplitude of a lot of our country traditional heavy goods appears apparent fall after a rise.

Before this year 9 months, our country dress and clothing accessories export 87.08 billion dollar, grow 1.8% , than last year the corresponding period (similarly hereinafter) fall after a rise 21.2 percent; Shoe kind export 22.08 billion dollar, grow 15.1% , fall after a rise 1.7 percent; Furniture exports 19.35 billion dollar, grow 23.3% , fall after a rise 3.5 percent; Plastic products exports 11.03 billion dollar, grow 1.6% , fall after a rise 8.4 percent.

Zhao Hong of director of institute of economy of Beijing society academy of sciences expresses, by second the main reason that the international slow down in demand that shifts the crisis to cause makes our country heavy goods export amplitude fall after a rise.

Zhao Hong says: "Second borrow the crisis to evolving to economic crisis stage by stage, foreign consumer purchasing power and desire to buy hope to begin to drop, this expression in consumable particularly apparent. Accordingly, numerous the foreign agency that runs pessimistic attitude to prospective economic situation begins to reduce order, overseas market appeared atrophic evidence. This makes the exit of our country heavy goods begins occurrence difficult position. This makes the exit of our country heavy goods begins occurrence difficult position..

Export the fall after a rise of amplitude at traditional heavy goods relatively, our country raw product imports pace to be accelerated apparently, main breed is imported all valence still is in perch. Custom statistic shows, before 9 months, our country imports total value to amount to 893.1 billion dollar, grow 29% . Import raw product among them 294.2 billion dollar, growth was achieved 69.5% .

According to custom statistic, our country 1 reach 350 million tons to will import iron ore in September, grow 22% , entrance all valence 141.3 dollars / ton, rise 77% ; Entrance crude oil 140 million tons, grow 8.8% , all valence 779 dollars / ton, rise 70.5% ; Entrance finished product is oily 31.28 million tons, grow 16.5% , all valence 840.8 dollars / ton, rise 88.8% . Zhao Hong thinks, this kind of circumstance makes clear to proportion is held in Chinese economy place in extensive economy exorbitant still, the year after year that waits for an amount as a result of car, air conditioning at the same time increases, the society is right of the sources of energy use up also begin increase. The double pressure of need of industrial the sources of energy and demand of social energy resources, make our country right the demand of the sources of energy considerably heighten.
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