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Textile and in pairs of rate of clothing outlet drawback are reduced to 9%

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Range of fall after a rise of export of our country clothing is the biggest in September 8 years agoNet of dress of Hui Cong dress] for favourable balance of foreign trade of progressively and contractible our country, hair change appoint, the branch such as Department of Commerce and Ministry of finance is in consultative a plan, plan to withdraw the exit of textile tax rate by 11% fall to 9% , the exit of dress drawback is led by 13% fall to 9% , chemical filament kind the exit drawback of the product is led by 9% fall to 5% .

According to the report, "In pairs of this textile and rate of clothing outlet drawback is reduced to the possibility of 9% very big, the government plans to increase strength, lead exit drawback one pace falls reach the designated position. Lead exit drawback one pace falls reach the designated position..

Personage of know the inside story says, to avoid to cause too big effect to exporting a situation, association of Chinese textile industry already put forward, the export of textile drawback rate is maintained changeless, and clothing outlet drawback is led from 13% reduce to 11% . He says: "If export drawback rate to reduce to 9% , already surpassed many industries anticipate and bear ability, short time is very great to spin trade impact " . Since 2001, the country had adjusted the exit drawback of textile dress 4 times.

The personage inside course of study expresses, the spin dress of low additional cost is the substantial that Chinese exporter tastes, cause international trade conflict easily. If the government is determined the favorable balance of trade that control room does not finish high, there is no escape of spin garment industry. He predicts, if dress retreats tax rate to reduce 2% , the exit of dress is added fast will from last year 25% drop 15% even 10% .

Industry analyst Li Jun thinks, dress exported total value to be sixty-seven billion eight hundred and twenty-two million dollar 2006, according to the exit of 2% drawback leads computation, garment industry profit will reduce nearly 1.36 billion dollar, amount to RMB ten billion four hundred and seventy-two million yuan. And sales revenue of product of industry of cap of shoe of dress of 1-12 month our country was 2006 5802. 100 million yuan, profit total is 25.93 billion yuan. If export drawback to reduce 2 percent, garment industry profit will considerably shrink reachs fifteen billion four hundred and fifty-eight million yuan, tremendous to industry influence. Consider dress was exported 2007 compared to the same period amplitude is in 15% the left and right sides, suffer dress to export drawback to lead reduced effect, garment industry will reduce income left and right sides of nearly 1.6 billion dollar.