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Beijing bright red door makes division of core of dress business affairs meticul

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Textile and in pairs of rate of clothing outlet drawback are reduced to 9%Net of dress of Hui Cong dress] kick off " division of clothing of international of Beijing bright red door " the look that drew numerous attention, as the fashionable grand occasion this year, clothing division is making him a piece of fashionable calling card that makes Beijing hard.

Be in early 2004, beijing put forward to want to build " of fashionable dress " conception, beijing sits have all sorts of dress, vogue and originality resource, have congenital development advantage. Accordingly, of fashionable dress section hold and persistent accumulation effect, promote effectively " of fashionable dress " the implementation of this one concept.

The change lacks the current situation of brand consciousness

During Beijing Olympic Games, "Beautiful water market " make a foreigner again and again the place of patronage. The style of here dress, fabrics and colour are deeply welcome, but speaking of is what brand comes, most person is the expression of a pair of look at each other in speechless despair however. And come round city of dress of bright red door " clean out skirt " the person also does not know a brand likely, think in them, as long as popularity of press close to is enough.

Chinese dress lacks brand consciousness, and the ignore that this backside is pair of stylist. As we have learned, a lot of businessmen that make clothing return be current to wear " take doctrine " practice, the design that knows pair of abroad only undertakes imitating, duplicate. Allegedly, inchoate some person every day expect is in capital airport, staring at dress attire of the foreigner technically, after coming back " copy mechanically " .

Garrison the problem that the numerous dress brand of city of dress of bright red door is existing generally also to design inadequacy, the brand that designs without independence however cannot be propped up apparently " area of core of dress business affairs (CBC) " development. To this, lady of a surname of Liu of director of office of clothing division organizing committee says to the reporter: "This clothing division activity will start stylist corridor project, will be in with Beijing dress institute of school, or the young stylist of strong finish school undertakes cooperative, in be each a platform is put up between small clothing manufacturer and stylist. Such, young stylist had the land of use force, and in small clothing manufacturer also can be passed buy, acquire the design that belongs to oneself. Acquire the design that belongs to oneself..

Current, the impression that city of dress of bright red door brings people is " brummagem " be in the majority, this also brings about a lot of well-known trademarks not to wish settle is bright red door dress city, this also is affecting area of bright red gate to make the step of CBC conversely. Liu Li Ren is, still want successive ground to attract well-known trademark to come in now. The reporter sees in city of dress of bright red door, a lot of brands are like fir fir, apple and Heng Yuanxiang to wait to already was entered halt. The organizer thinks, this second clothing division continues to hold " brand of 10 big vigor " selection activity, also meet those who promote a brand develop up.
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