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The RMB appreciates Wuhan clothing company in succession " save oneself "

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Sha Xi presses down spin dress to guide an enterprise to extend market of sale in domestic marketNet of dress of Hui Cong dress] in recent years, the pressure that Wuhan clothing company bears gradually by " a big hill " become 3 much even, a lot of enterprises must be sought with all sorts of means " save oneself " .

"The RMB appreciates, raw material goes up badly, it is cheap before that labour force also is done not have. " nowadays, when business of export of Wuhan spin clothing is in and the foreign trader negotiates, always like such complaining, the hope can increase bit of price.

A dress exported an enterprise to calculate brushstroke Zhang: Because employee wages increases, welfare safeguard cost raises, labor cost rises 15% , cost is compared the corresponding period increased 3.2 million yuan last year; Catch change makings comparing to go up year of the corresponding period rise 20% , accumulative total increases cost to make an appointment with 3 million yuan; In addition still the RMB appreciates, coal price rises etc.

Hu Yiren of vise general manager of company of imports and exports of handicraft of Wuhan city art grand tells a reporter, what perplex an enterprise now is afore-mentioned problems not merely, industry financing difficulty is a lot of greater also than before, for example the requirement that the bank borrows money is stricter and stricter exacting, the loan previously applies for 9 months to be able to be approved come down, wait now first half of the year not likely is successful; On the other hand, pressure of manufacturing company cost increases, also before unlike volubility, can give the payment for goods of the half first, often ask payment for goods is one-time now paid. "Such, a few big bill are forced to be pushed act against one's will. " he says.

The situation of small-sized company is grimmer. "Gain is smaller and smaller, my some person of the same trades had changed make other product. " the Huang Renhua that opening firm of foreign trade of one wife and children garment says, very long period of time is in exert oneself force holds to.

The enterprise was adopted many " save oneself " method. Before a few days of dollars rise drop fluctuant and frequent, hu Yiren is paying close attention to exchange rate market closely all the time. He says, since the RMB after appreciating continuously, to reduce a risk, they begin to use financial product in great quantities, will a few years enhancing study finance knowledge all the time, understand tendercy of the politics of each country, economy; Wuhan exit large family loves dress of the Supreme Being since the RMB after appreciating continuously, major export order already instead euro settle accounts; Love emperor adds a product additional cost, raise product unit price, change way of single the production that stick a card, a large number of addition that have brand export oneself. A controller tells group love emperor the reporter, the costume first half of the year is single this year the price is a RMB 33.17 yuan, dollar 4.77 yuan, rise respectively 20.18% with 32.86% .
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