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The production that stick a card all is installed " the city of bull-puncher " "

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Beijing bright red door makes division of core of dress business affairs meticulouslyNet of dress of Hui Cong dress] Guangdong arranges De Junan to press down element to have " the city of bull-puncher " beautiful praise, bull-puncher makes the garment reach the treatment that wash water to already had 20 old histories, bull-puncher industry already made the bibcock trade of this town, the yield that formed complete industrial catenary and maturity system of supply and marketing, with the excellent design of international tide synchronism, ability giving appearance, provide the technology washing water of characteristic alone, dimensions of high-grade fabrics market is changed, industrial specialized worker gathers in great quantities wait for dominant position of 5 big industries.

Stick plate production, all install " hard injury "

A few years ago, all install bull-puncher to make exit bugle call -- " the world of bull-puncher, the bull-puncher of the world " , once the group of bull-puncher garment industry of unknown to public begins brand of start shooting area. However, the bull-puncher company that all brings is faced with domestic mill generally the development bottleneck with much, well-known little trademark. Lack dimensions enterprise and well-known trademark to become the obstacle that all installs bull-puncher advancement.

Although all install bull-puncher product to have the export outside 80 % Xiang Hai, but export secondhand through sticking a card mostly, manufacturer is earned by right of treatment only occupy bull-puncher clothing total prices to be worth 8 % ~ the profit of 10 % , the product is add block up of value on the low side the expanded reproduction of company of major bull-puncher clothing. Rise in price in raw material, the RMB appreciates, foreign demand decreases, manpower resource cost rises considerably, social responsibility cost raises ceaselessly today, all install bull-puncher to be able to rely on to spell the price to live only. In as intense as and other places of burgeoning Africa, southeast Asia price competition, all install bull-puncher accept the order to be reduced gradually with argy-bargy ability, the production value of the enterprise increased, profit appears to glide considerably however.

With the word that how all presses down economic progress to do vice director Ouyang Yongheng for, all install bull-puncher enterprise to want at present with " do not topple first " for the target, consider development to expand again. He expresses, the enterprise faces a lot of difficulty first half of the year this year, spin garment industry is entered " cold winter period " . All install bull-puncher to should develop Korea, Japan, south Africa, Israel actively to wait inferior, African country and market of and other places of middle east area, strengthen set with these blame be restricted trade dealings of the country, set the negative effect that is restricted to bring through extending sale channel to reduce beautiful Europe. In the meantime, town government encourages conditional enterprise to step door going abroad, strengthen the business cooperation that waits for a developing country with India, Kampuchea, infiltrate the product through the Three Kingdoms beautiful Europe market. And the most important is, the enterprise should enhance brand consciousness, use good business brand resource and " all install bull-puncher " the good public praise of area brand, extend home market further.
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