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Sha Xi presses down spin dress to guide an enterprise to extend market of sale i

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The production that stick a card all is installed " the city of bull-puncher " " hard injury "Net of dress of Hui Cong dress] spin garment industry encounters unprecedented development dilemma this year, newest data shows government of Dan Shaxi town, production value of industry of before this year 9 months grows 13% compared to the same period, among them 7 make garment trade. This town introduces via trade department chief, this is main profit from succeeds 8 times continuously the market that holds generation of the meeting that take gain is pulled touch effect, and the government guides an enterprise actively to extend market of sale in domestic market.

Be in early 2004 first, sha Xi presses down a government to see the adverse situation of export trade namely, conduct a business " two legs " on foot -- , in ensure exit is stable while, market of development sale in domestic market. Its change trains relatively successful case should belong to a Wei to make the clothing. Connect Wei to began to extend home market 2004, before this, product of the exit that connect Wei is occupied most probably, make a few sale in domestic market in off-season ability only. Through effort of two years, 2006, the enterprise sells exit and sale in domestic market to take an in part each, predict sale in domestic market can be achieved this year most probably.

And the success of the meeting that take gain is held, also let an enterprise get chance of a lot of development. The domestic famous sportswear such as 7 beautiful Tesibangwei, wolves, dark horse, talent holds a brand, arrive from choose and buy of design, cloth make, it is acting industry of You Shaxi industry. Have the aid of exhibits meeting effect, old and well-known family of lake of much style of cypress celestial being, glow, Wei, dust ancient wait for a batch of brands to expand early or late, those who become sanded brook sportswear to hold a property is important prop up.

The government offers favourable policy, encourage an enterprise to increase ability to change investment. The government applies for actively to save city to give aid to for the enterprise capital, again award of local government of form a complete set. This town business introduces an unit price 300 thousand yuan equipment, the government rewards 20 thousand yuan; Accumulative total equipment achieves 1 million yuan into valence, the government gives 20 thousand yuan of award likewise. The Zhongshan city sportswear that held water 2000 assembles center of research and development, for small company promotion ability of new product research and development provided communal platform.

In current development the situation falls, the government increases company brand to found give aid to strength. Sha Xi introduces via trade department chief, this town is driven " factory of renown division, name, boutique " policy future won't run, government and enterprise special see clearly: Do a brand to just have an outlet only. Current, sha Xi has the enterprise of own brand to have tens of homes, connect a few enterprises such as Wei to also planning new brand appears on the market plan. Connect Wei to will start brand plan next year, to what buy " Oriental children " the brand undertakes repackage. And the Bai Xian much division that owns many 500 brand shop in the whole nation, the plan promotes brand of a high-grade fashionable dress again, accelerate overseas market to extend pace further.
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