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Paragraph knitting underwear is exposed to the sun unqualified buy need to be ta

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Interest bully men's clothing is performed " Wang Zhe returns " replace " boxing king "Net of dress of Hui Cong dress] air temperature is lower recently, heat preservation underwear became sell like hot cakes to taste. Total bureau of national qualitative check announced the near future to produce the sampling observation result that tastes quality to knitting underwear, selectived examination this to include 90 kinds of products that Zhejiang saves 89 industries of city 9 times to produce inside in all, product sampling percent of pass is achieved 92.8% .

Share 4 kinds of products this to be pledged exposure of check total bureau, the lot number that is production of knitting mill of Wuhan China friendly source respectively is the knitting underwear of 170/95 of 85412007-08, model, the money order T3270862007-08 that limited company of clothing of Dongguan accurate Cheng produces, model is 170/100 " Sha oranges red graceful " garment of card heat preservation, qingdao is red of 175/100 of the money order HF-70052007-08 that spins production of the limited company that make the clothing, model " red spin " the card exceeds warm abb male suit, the goods number that limited company of dress of Shanghai full blessing produces is XL for AC6272007-07, model " dream Fan Di " the card is men's jacquard weave suit. If the citizen sees the product of relevant lot number, be about to took care to buy.

"' the concept is acclaimed ' the main measure that at present appeared to had become underwear sales promotion. " fiber of peaceful wave city examines a controller of place tells a reporter, ever heated up in the winter last year fry " colour cotton underwear " , and arrived this year, "Colour cotton underwear " little, replace became " calorific underwear " . However, do not have at present " calorific underwear " national level, in disappear assist was this to release consumptive caution technically still with association of Chinese knitting industry, remind " heat preservation underwear " not be " calorific underwear " , buy calorific underwear to must identify accurate label, be not mixed to guide by all sorts of advertisement of give an extravagantly colourful description buy flicker, the fault regards heat preservation underwear as calorific underwear is bought.

The expert reminds, when product of underwear of citizen choose and buy, should examine a product the symmetry of each place, seaming stitch circle is suitable, the horizontal stroke makes the same score upend, cannot put in corrugate phenomenon; Whether does careful to seaming stitch place observation have needle hole, because the laddering of knitwear is very strong, once appear needle hole, form a hole very quickly, the influence is used.