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Wide outside handing in meeting dress to wait, trade order for goods is faced wi

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The United States second the global finance seismic sea wave that borrows the crisis to cause grows in intensity, the expert thinks, be about to at tomorrow (15 days) those who kick off is wide hand in can suffer be a burden on surely, live especially consume kind of product, because depend on Euramerican market overly, clinch a deal quantity amplitude fears considerably fall after a rise, partial industry appears possibly even negative growth.

Wide the barometer that makes trade of the abroad in can be being called, institute of commerce of economy of international of university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language teachs Zun Liancun to express, current wide hand in meeting certainly will to escape hard financial storm shadow, especially of the consumer goods clinch a deal quantity amplitude big fall after a rise even order decreases no wonder. In addition, suffer the effect of incident of 3 deer milk powder of near future happening, of food industry clinch a deal may suffer serious blow. But plan of a few homemaking getting a country gives aid to, the consumable of type of production with technical high content, the export dominant position that rises considerably holds likely still in adversity.

In addition, suffer macroeconomic environment effect, the part is Euramerican purchase business to taking stricter cost control, begin a few low end product order changes and other places of the Bangladesh with lower cost, Thailand by China, make dress spin, shoe kind wait for an industry to trade one disaster after another.

  Drama of Euramerican consumption confidence is decreased

Hong Kong " civil report " report, business is purchased to negotiate in the international dress of round-the-world market meeting, of ministry of female outfit of limited company of Dong Yi foreign firm purchase manager Li Jiezhen to express, also be to had attended for many times wide hand in of the meeting " often purchase business " . To current wide hand in the spin of the meeting and dress to become friendship condition, she is not hopeful: "Because very bad this year to do, it is the United States not only, european sale status is very poor also. European sale status is very poor also..

Li Jiezhen says, the pelter of dress sales volume of whole this year Euramerican market, although have no statistic temporarily, but the consumptive desire that feels Euramerican market apparently is very low. Her citing says, the dress door store that for Italy in this company some brand purchases, because sell,do not use money, be forced to begin from September " Christmas sales promotion " , but it is good to sell affection to still did not see turn. Li Jiezhen says, the sale drops, purchase a quantity naturally to also begin constrictive.

The demand that purchases business decreases, exert mouth enterprise feels apparently " cold winter " advent. Order basically comes from Euramerican Guangzhou Cheng of Huang Jin of general manager of your clothing limited company says city China, the order this year is reached only last year 1/5 of the corresponding period, the sale company that the company is forced to rely on hamster and market of development middle east will solve tired, but integral sales volume compared with still was in last year considerably acute is decreased.
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