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Prevent dress of cold heat preservation to begin to walk into a sale busy season

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Pedlar copy is risked article affix " Zun Dan's slave " brand becomes famous brandNet of dress of Hui Cong dress] of the brand be short of break, it is the serious problem that Chinese cashmere industry faces. So, specific have what kind of be short of break, let us contrast the experience of international cashmere brand, discuss together.

Enter October, cool meaning is raided gradually, all sorts of dress that prevent cold heat preservation begin to walk into sale busy season again, cashmere dress is a kind among them. For this, each industries, enterprise also is planning move, planning move with all one's strength. It is early at the beginning of August, the peak of brand of Chinese cashmere mainstream of cashmere industry can be in Nanjing to hold. To cashmere industry, each brand controller are behaved not hopefully. Although the raw material of the cashmere dress of top class brand comes from a lot of international China, but cashmere clothing company of China will not send an advantage this kind first however play comes out. This cannot say not to make a person regretful.

Be what lets the cashmere industry of our country be faced with such awkwardness after all? The Zhen Hu side vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of livestock of earth of food of Zhang Zhi of executive president of group of cloth with soft nap of much Si Yang of Er of another name for Hubei province, China point to the problem " the brand is short of break " . Want carefully to come, really, although China has a few to make give the cashmere dress of the name, but can say really for " brand " , sell really on valence, client approbates, very few however.

Since such, the reporter is contrasting to say to go up truly in the world with respect to the hope cashmere dress brand, and the Ba Lantan cashmere that does better more in recent years (Ballantyne Cashmere) , will think over: Want to make right cashmere dress brand, our be short of break where?

Products plan

Design the importance to dress brand, need not say early more. But, the design of dress of our country cashmere, pass more than 20 years, did not produce fashionable dress however in that way change. Undeniable, cashmere the limitation of this kind of material, make the design of cashmere dress gives prize hard quite. But, although cashmere enterprise excused him accordingly, consumer won't subdue him accordingly however. People is higher and higher to taking the demand that installs a design, had been to cannot go against the big trend that turn. Especially to consumer of a lot of home, design the first, fabrics the 2nd, they can abandon cashmere dress because of design disagreement intention even. After all, can replace the heat preservation dress of cashmere dress, had had more and more choices. Can say, because of the design be short of break, consume and did not obtain particularly remarkable growth of Chinese cashmere dress. So, not the design this homework has been done, do not promote the product that consumer of sell one's own things one'ses mind disturbed, making cashmere dress brand can be theoretic only.
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