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Expert of industry of domestic and international garment feels pulse clothing di

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"Division of clothing of international of Beijing bright red door " will kick off on October 16Net of dress of Hui Cong dress] 2008, to garment industry of China, a year be different common, industrial transition upgrades, trade structural adjustment and medium and small businesses live the problem such as the crisis, in this year unusually outstanding. Somebody points out Chinese garment industry anxiety-riddenly " cold winter " had come. Below this kind of setting, the garment industry of Guangdong what course to follow? Be in what jump over government of beautiful division people, Guangdong to save guild of dress of dress dress guild, Guangzhou to sponsor by Guangzhou city " 2008 China shed division of beautiful international clothing " during, "Innovation of Chinese garment trade and development height forum " got industry pays close attention to, experts build character to make suggestions in succession discussed this issue.

On division of clothing of 2008 international drifting a flower, tens of expert of industry of domestic and international garment is collective " feel pulse prescribe "

The current situation

1. enters mixedder management competition pattern

Review whole industry, what garment industry showed the profit that come to blend to commerce to big company concentration, industry 2007, brand to originality development, capital Xiang Xinmo type builds up, the market is sold upcountry tilt wait for a series of signal, indicate course of study is in a dress more advance on complicationing platform.

Chinese clothing association is standing vice-chairman Jiang Heng Jie thinks, the environment that today's clothing company faces, be in and had produced tremendous change: The market opens rate taller and taller; The feature of global unifinication is more and more apparent; Competition is more and more intense; The pressure that assumes social responsibility is greater and greater. Can forecast, in future in period of time, the sources of energy and raw material price still can rise, the RMB also appreciates little scope continuously, environmental protection code is perfect with each passing day, normative. The system that garment industry already entered regulation of industry, brand, trade, culture, society and resource value, trade and social responsibility is complex operation competition times, present an integral sex conformity, trend that adjust and promotes.

2. appears to the inflection point that sale in domestic market tilts first

2008, as a result of second the influence that lends the crisis and RMB to appreciate, industry exit drops apparently. According to official statistic, before this year two months, spin dress exports 16.44 billion dollar, grow 5.7% only, among them textile dress will export amount Feburary is to decrease compared to the same period more 11% . And add in garment foreign trade fast put delay while, the trade inside our country dress appeared apparent acceleration phenomenon.
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