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"Division of clothing of international of Beijing bright red door " will kick of

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Dress examines superintendency area is started father to close exit dress qualityNet of dress of Hui Cong dressNet of dress of Hui Cong dressHold reforming and opening in succession in each district 30 anniversary activity during, the picture exhibits the reforming and opening of the Yuan Xiang austral Beijing to also will come 20 days on October 16 " division of clothing of international of 2008 Beijing bright red door " during hold. Chen Chongcai regards dress as one of undertake person of the section, the commemorative activity that emphasizes reforming and opening ought to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with economic culture life of the place, attract local adequately to participate in come in, generation is resonant.

Chen Chongcai serves as secretary of Party committee of village of secretary of Party committee of native place of the garden austral area of Beijing abundant stage, orchard to just be had the honor to win 2008 officials of 10 old crackajack village. He begins to hold the post of secretary of orchard village general Party branch from June 1976, it is reforming and opening comes to Beijing 30 years the Party committee secretary that the root with not much amount to plunges into identity of farmer of country, reservation.

Come 30 years, the village of orchard of bright red door that Chen Chongcai leads initiated sexual ground to undertook rural property right the system is reformed and gain huge success, broke through suburb village " passive city is changed " bottleneck, initiated the beginning that system of Beijing country property right reforms, make the model of Beijing and even reform of system of countrywide country property right. Through the way of 30 years that reforms progress, the bright red door of the Yuan Xiang austral area of Beijing abundant stage already from in former days the royal hunt center, country that close, development becomes Chinese north to the dress with the largest area is produced and trade center. And a piece of calling card that division of clothing of international of bright red door also has made region of bright red door.

Chen Chongcai's secretary says, running dress red-letter day is to be in the process that marks reforming and opening 30 years, advance the construction of the area of assemble of culture originality industry of dress of bright red door, dress further, bright red door will serve as a fashionable dress trade core area (the door of the money that CBC) makes the wall austral Beijing.

The division of clothing of international of bright red door that is about to kick off will be held " " the market changes China " course of development of major of dress of bright red door is large picture reviewing is exhibited " , roll out bright red door contest of brand of 10 big vigor and golden scissors contest, build the thematic park of culture of a dress, begin " brand, vogue, vigor, industry of originality of culture of dress of dress of Beijing bright red door grows forum " etc a series of activity. Among them, "Fashionable originality salon " establish the program corridor of stylist of a CBC. International clothing division will have controller of association of clothing of more than 10 international to attend, among them the famous clothing association such as Paris, London is returned will sign strategic cooperation agreement with association of clothing of bright red door.
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