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From " supplied materials is machined " in company of clothing of spin of rescue

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Expert of industry of domestic and international garment feels pulse clothing division jointly prescribeNet of dress of Hui Cong dress] from pursuit quantitative dimensions arrives quality brand, from supplied materials the treatment, production that stick a card arrives own brand, the own brand consciousness of industry of our country garment is increasing gradually, dress is own the brand is rising abruptly.

From " supplied materials is machined " in rescue sb from a siege

"Regard production of a dress, exit, consumption as big country, ' Chinese garment industry is competitive ' it is a fact that need not say more " . Jiang Hengjie says vice-chairman of Chinese clothing association.

As we have learned, reforming and opening comes 30 years, industry of our country garment experienced extensive property twice to upgrade: It is for the first time 1988, 1997, it is industrial dimensions 10 years of fast dilate. In these 10 years, clothing outlet increases 6.5 times, output grows 4.7 times, especially after 1992, industry of our country garment got very flourishingly development. This is extensive property upgrades, civilian battalion economy enters historical arena, garment industry is on industrialization to develop way, get army the company is born, they took the lead in putting forward " famous brand strategy " , dress exports quickly development to rise, brand of Li Ning sprotswear is in what be born right now namely.

The 2nd times output grows quickly is in 2000-2006 year, it is the level that an industry technical reformation upgrades and develops for core depth with the brand. This also can say is a hero come forth in large numbers, the historical period that wonderful confused assumes, dress total output and export all increased 2 times, add from crop fast for already apparent under first time.

According to statistic, before crop compares 10 years, dress of current our country always increased 3.4 times, than 17.6 times increasing 20 years ago, had exceeded the 1/4 of global dress total output, 1/3 that exceeds amount of global garment trade. The development speed of the crop amplitude of two digit above allows trade of our country garment we are proud. In the meantime, what we also see garment industry grows is the road of quantitative dilate, main way is the supplied materials treatment of small gain. And same energy industry is fine a suit that do, the profit of Chinese brand has the 1/3 of foreign brand only.

Abroad's very much dress old brand takes Chinese treatment, the company that can say China had mastered the most top class dress processing technique on the world, but culture of our consumption, brand, manage and the level that content spreads link to did not obtain international trademark.

From reforming and opening since, the way that industry of our country garment develops is transferred to the brand gradually from dimensions. Today, as production cost raises, labor cost rises, the RMB upgrades ceaselessly, the development road of pure pursuit amount and dimensions has taken garment trade more narrower, development dress is own brand already time will not wait for me. Occupy actor, commerce to chafe apparently no longer in labour force price ceaseless today, chinese garment industry " own brand " construction, how many have the taste of some of be driven to join the Liangshan Mountain rebels.
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