Toward stall of day door bazaar the sale produces dress to hand in 50 yuan surel - Chinese tie Nets
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Toward stall of day door bazaar the sale produces dress to hand in 50 yuan surel

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To promoting industry of Chinese spin garment upgrade the effect that had add fuel to the fire.. Net of dress of Hui Cong dress] the business of door of day of dress hold office at court that produces oneself store when bazaar stall is sold, need to be in charge of a ministry to take a picture to market other people get put on record the card that register, a dress needs to cost the charge of 50 yuan of money. A faker that is not willing to disclose a full name mirrors this matter to our newspaper.

The reporter walks into a market of Yu Chaotian door one area 7 hall, be right now when buying and selling is hot. The reporter notices, the card of a piece of blue hanged on the sample that every stall hang out comes to: Look up writing " business store dress of market new fund puts on record the card that register " model of written characters, the characteristic of every kinds of dress indicates in text, have " do not borrowed please be modelled on, sale " wait for model of written characters, period of efficacy is 3 months, inscribe is business store company Shaanxi road content manages the first branch ministry and business store market operator turns over autonomy of bad management behavior to run the office. Registering card on the right side of still stick 5 inches of variety that have this dress to illuminate.

One female is managed door confirm, deal with this dress put on record the card that register needs to spend 50 yuan of money, if not be new fund dress to handle the card that register, once be modelled on and be registered, market other people is in charge of a ministry not to allow to be sold again. She says, she should be more than 20 dress every year to handle the card that register at least, need more than 1000 yuan to cost. The reporter notices, what she deals with put on record credential of the gathering that register is only a piece common and triplex receipt.

Reporter immediately is found register take a picture room, one employee is in busy affix one's seal. Content is in charge of ministry plum to surname responsible person, enable put on record the way that the card that register runs already was the 5th year, the purpose is to put an end to borrowed the behavior of design, also can lash manage door study different pattern, every 50 yuan charge of place collection basically is used pay the card that register cost and safeguard artificially etc, belong to market guild regulations. Content is in charge of a header of security personnel Liu to confirm, want to deal with the put on recording of 20 dress to register about everyday.

Toward day door controller of industrial and commercial place introduces, measure of this kind of government checks really effectively manage door borrowed each other, the behavior that copy risks, drive change effectively to send dress good progress, as to collect fees the problem belongs to trade provision. Chongqing beautiful amount to attorney office Duan Qin to say, content canal ministry and manage door it is equal principal part civil relation, collection amount must be passed manage door agree, if manage door think the price is exorbitant, content runs a department cannot mandatory collection.
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