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CPI will be less than Guangzhou first degrees in September clothing of 5% autumn

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The data that city price bureau publishs shows, total level of price of the month on Guangzhou city continues small fall after a rise. Total index of dweller consumption price (CPI) is compared in August fall after a rise 0.4% , relatively the corresponding period rose last year 4.7% , it is this year since first only month goes up compared to the same period a fall after a rise to 5.0% the following.

Guangzhou will feed category September the month on price comparing dropped 0.6% , go up compared to the same period than going up lunar fall after a rise. The main provision price such as birds of grease, flesh and its goods, aquatic product, fresh vegetable, fresh melon and fruit all has the fall of different level.

Sales promotion of change garments according to the season of summerly autumn dress ends basically, dress price than going up the month rises 3.9% , basically be price of autumn winter clothing rises considerably, among them men's garment of dress, wool, jacket, suit rises in price apparent, women's coat also relatively on the month rose 6.5% .

In addition, lunar Guangzhou serves project value to fall slightly on 1.0% . Suffer autumn opening effect, price of education reference book than going up the month rises, case of movie the price of a ticket drops, change of price of project of the others service is not big.