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"Golden scissors " craft of China of fill of dress technology competition is bla

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The consumption in business affairs of clothing company electron jumps over head the listNet of dress of Hui Cong dress] the 2nd when get industry attention fully " golden scissors " competion area of Shenzhen of dress craft contest is in institute of technology of Shenzhen city profession to pull open heavy curtain. Come from Shenzhen each brand enterprise ace of a few top dress craft each shows special prowess, compare relative superiority or inferiority. This second match can unite the effect that give to pursue by the commissioner, be restricted to undertake beater, plane cut out inside a day of time, make a ready-made clothes. Through daylong intense contend, 5 players show itself finally, become the winner of this second match, they will go to Beijing to attend finals on behalf of Shenzhen.

It is reported, the 2nd " golden scissors " dress craft contest saves clothing association to be sponsorred jointly by association of clothing of guild of Beijing dress spin, Shenzhen and Hubei, be in respectively bead trigonometry, long triangle builds 3 contests division. Additional, below the support of Italian trade commission, current contest still establishs abroad cent competion area first, division of Chinese dress technology will develop intense contend with foreign person of the same trade. Preelection of classics of 4 competion area is surpassed, judge before going out 5 to enter Beijing final respectively, judge a coronal finally, inferior, Ji Jun each one name, winning prize a certain number of. Finals will be in Beijing on October 18 hold during division of clothing of bright red door, recorded broadcast of whole journey of Beijing TV station.

Introduce according to Shen Yongfang of secretary-general of Shenzhen clothing association, "Golden scissors " the contest is current division of technology of domestic exclusive plate making is special contest, built an originality to reveal platform for division of garment industry technology, to the opportunity was offerred before more outstanding technology division move toward a stage from the behind the curtain, at the same time also fill the blank of match of division of technology of dress of Chinese garment industry.