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The consumption in business affairs of clothing company electron jumps over head

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CPI will be less than Guangzhou first degrees in September clothing of 5% autumn winters raises priceNet of dress of Hui Cong dress] B2C mode can be in of Internet low confuse level to go against the raise on situation, the reason that also having each side can offer an analysis. What resemble the formal economy that article begin place analyses is low fan let popular more was used to get online, reducing cost while assure quality.

As financial condition queasy, internet industry serves as capital concentrated model industry by be the first to be affected pushed where the wind and the waves are highest. The pressure that comes from many sided forces each heroes to doing all sorts of adjustment in pessimistic atmosphere. Izvestia, although the winter talks Ma Yun's Internet to did not get Internet old man people approbate consistently, however in fact while they are expressing to be not deepness pessimism at the same time, be in however at the same time reduce expenditure as far as possible, reduce army provisions to use up. Look, as the decline of global economy, IT course of study had felt the cool desire of deep Qiu Sisi. Plant in this just about however deep autumn in atmosphere, the author also sees the existence of among them hope thering is no lack of however.

The Internet bubble 2000 tells us, often the online habit that the more economic depression can develop a netizen the more. Internet enters civilian degree now deeper and deeper. The expert inside course of study points out, up to 2007, the net that clean out treasure registers a member to exceed 53 million, up to on January 14, 2008, pay treasure to register a member to exceed 63 million. Chinese Internet shopping amount was 30 billion yuan 2006, went to 70 billion yuan 2007, growth is very rapid. Scan widely whole world, american Internet shopped 2007 amount is 20 billion dollar, korea is 14 billion dollar (data by " Ai Rui " offer) . In these statistic, every country is dress tastes a rank the first. This is prospective trend certainly! Be a such huge spending the group is bearing the weight of what Ma Yun says " pull move consumption, production obtain employment " mission. A such force are in especially phase of economic be issued to lower levels is commendable indeed.

So the current situation of network electron business affairs after all how? Taste an analysis with the dress of head the list of the consumption in electronic business affairs, taste with PPG, Fan Kecheng and Nuo of Olomo(Europe Lai) for the delegate, they are congeneric men's clothing network sells a branch of such tiny electronic business affairs continuously.

The PPG of company of the earliest Yu Daier of be born out of, for a time scene is infinite, with bomb type all-around advertisement humanness place is hep. The development mode that the fact proves to this kind exceeds fast blame reason still has its flimsy place.

Next Fan Kecheng is tasted result from predominant poineering group, its style is evaluated to be on BBS by some netizen " very very outstanding, age " . Advertisement also very feral, but be confined to go up in the network. The delicacy on other media has see. This absorbs the lessons drawn from others' mistakes of its elder PPG a bit, dedicated Yu Mou of one domain develop, keep expenditures within the limits of income, is not to hit out on four sides. After all any investment are last be to should seek get one's own back.
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