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Cravat knowledge

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When the man wears business suit, most those who grab an eye, not be business suit itself normally, however cravat. Accordingly, cravat is called of business suit " the place that make the finishing point " . One has the man of a suit business suit only, often should change only different cravat, also often can feel with what find everything new and fresh every day to the person.
Cravat belongs to the man's decorations, because this lady is general,do not make tie. The man makes tie, in order to wearing business suit when for beautiful, hereat cravat cries again " the soul of business suit " . When wearing business suit, when wearing suit suit especially, do not hit cravat to often can make business suit dim and blank.

One, the design of cravat
The design of cravat, namely its appearance exterior. Generally speaking, it has the branch of size, this basically is controlled popularly by vogue. When undertaking choosing, should notice to had better make the width of the width of cravat and own body becomes direct ratio, and not contrast is too big. It returns those who have arrowhead and closely cropped hair to fasten. Former lower end is a triangle, apply to all sorts of circumstances, more traditional. Crop of latter lower end, moderner, apply to informal circumstance more.
2, dozen of law of cravat
When making tie, the baldric of the position of the length of the knot way that answers cravat, cravat, cravat, cravat adds an attention more, just make tie apple-pie likely.

(1) the knot law of cravat
Cravat is plunged into well look, the key is hit in tie tie how. Hit tie tie to have at 3 o'clock skill. One of, it is to want to hit it rightly, hold out draw together, the triangle is shown on the exterior. Secondly, it is OK when tightening up bow tie, issue extrude in its of purpose a nest or a channel come, make its look beautiful, natural. Thirdly, the specific size that is tie tie is not OK and complete by oneself its thing, and should make its the size of substantially and the neckband that wear at the same time becomes direct proportion. Those who need a specification is, wear stand when receiving a shirt, should not be dozen of cravat, when wearing an ala to receive a shirt, suit to plunge into bowknot.

(2) the length of cravat
The cravat that the adult uses daily, grow normally about 130 - 150 centimeters. After cravat has been hit, side should grow slightly outside at inside. The length of its standard, ought to be to issue what upright as it happens touchs chatelaine is buckled to go up upright. Such, after the button of suit jacket strung that outside becoming, wears, the lower end of cravat won't from the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket below " pop one's head in and look about " the ground is shown come out, of course, cravat also is not hit too shortly, do not let it be apt to from jump out above the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket. Stem from this one consideration, do not advocate choose in formal circumstance adjust hard of its length " pull " cravat or " one is gotten " cravat.
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