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Charm cravat

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Attend when David Dashenwei " X archives " when trial performance, he takes that imprints the cravat of full pink piggy lets " X archives " people feels production beforehand, he is the person of Mu Le of the member that act explore. Apparent, in the process that strives for a part in David Dashenwei, the figure of piggy is the mystical force of conquer producer. But, beautiful to can conquering female explore member Sikali (auspicious Ann Anderson) charm, with respect to need more complex more systematic explanation. So, what kind of cravat is just true charm cravat?
Fuluoyide type is academic
In fact, cravat itself is force of a kind of culture is indicative, be in showing outer garment to act the role of, provide most profession a kind of the gender. For example, a woman arranges cravat for the man of another woman, will be regarded as very inurbane behavior, it is informal to because this kind of behavior is too close,be mixed.
Do literate " cruel " person
80 time are opposite 20 centuries " charm cravat " the explanation is to have chunk normally the cravat of design of vermeil or bright yellow. This kind of cravat is called by play " pizza grenade " . Actually, charm cravat is not a name that has special sense, it is to show Dai Qi comes merely the cravat with first-rate effect. Without doubt, popularity added up to disease to had been gone forever at 80 time and the red Huang Zeng with 90 prime time. Nowadays, this kind of cravat can let a person pour appetite only.
The explanation nowadays
Present people agrees charm cravat consistently should be already conspicuous " hair person is thoughtful " cravat. The cravat of a few design can achieve the result of this kind of information that deprive a person already, do not come again so buckish that let a person be between tears and smiles:
The color with pure * is very moving feelings. Cravat of real silk of a monochromatic can bring strong visual result, because the quality of a material of silk is below this kind of circumstance,can grab the attention of people with a kind of very delicate means.
* suddenly straightforward bishop red may be the most dazzing kind in cravat color. Bricky red attune also has this kind of effect. Additional, if style and design are proper, blue also can be become very the cravat color that grabs an eye.
* as to design, concise and bold provide magic power most idiosyncratic. Block diagram case, stripe (all sorts of twill) it is OK to knit beautiful stereo perhaps design. Monochromatic is wide a design especially good choice. Respecting is bold, not be absolutely point to those drug taking excessive drinking rock and roll the cravat of stars. Charm is not mad.
Cravat also can make the mark of your individual figure. For instance, lee Aikeka with a suit forever changeless actor's costumes is celebrated -- the shirt with snow-white collar, the cravat with blue suit suit and lively design. The move that Ai Ke blocks a shirt to match tie installs style it may be said to comprehend the marrow of beautiful idea of wall street careful adequately. Although this does not suit everybody certainly, but you might as well it is example with him, study establishs his image through commutation cravat.
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