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Cravat choose and buy

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One, of cravat anthology match

1. Colour and business suit should match. When the department that be the same as color is tie-in, cravat colour should compare business suit colour slightly deep. This kind matchs a law relatively agree with mature, sane man: Comparative lubricious collocation can make dress of a complete set of shows nobility already red-blooded, agree with the male with bold and unrestrained individual character. Center the colour in business suit fabrics to the expression on cravat as a kind of element, this kind of collocation is decorous and easy, old little all appropriate.

2. Colour of cravat of color of skin and color of skin are relative also. Maize skin is unfavorable the cravat that chooses shallow blue; The skin is ruddy person unfavorable choose reseda or shallow blue; Color of skin is blacker person, should choose light color had better.

3. Seasonal cravat colour also should follow seasonal and corresponding change. Age is seasonal, gentle and neuter colour is appropriate; The summer is optional of blue of lay particular stress on cool tonal; Optional in the winter lay particular stress on is red yellow warm color attune.


2, the catharsis of cravat and maintain

1. High-grade cravat is only able wash, iron next iron out is full; Cheap cleanse expects in conveniently but bath, next air, iron smooth can.

2. The cravat that has washed should be put into polybag to hang chest, the attention is ventilated breathe freely; Clean cravat can be folded 9 cravat case is put after folding inside, do not exert oneself to do sth. drag, lest injure fabrics; After cravat is used, should seasonable unlock takes a form, water of gush a few, in order to facilitate drape answer is made the same score.

3. Future inside 9 years, tie tie will be given priority to with slightness.