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The man is the most commonly used cravat writtens guarantee law

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The pattern of cravat

Basically, the pattern of cravat can be divided for dot, straight stripe, grid, knit flower, stereo decorative pattern, all sorts of lively pattern and butterfly bow tie.

L dot: Dot heals small, feel formally more to the person: The cravat with big dot makes a person more invigorative.

2 knit grain: The cravat of knitting, resemble a qualitative gauze, it is gold or silver-colored color normally, woven structure is the pattern of cravat.

3 stripe: The cravat of inclined stripe comes from British club and the variety that army group uniform uses.

Of cravat maintain method

1.After cravat is used, please instantly unlock bow tie, and gently from collarband unlock, because exert oneself to do sth. drag expresses cloth and liner, fiber and easy rupture, cause permanent ruffle.

2.Cravat is worn every time, after knot mouth unlock, general belt is 50% discount smooth put or come with cravat frame trice, advertent buy is put place is flowing, lest scratch cravat.

3.Drive when fastening safety belt, not general takes park safety belt inside, lest produce a ruffle.

4.After cravat is worn, lie between a few days to be worn again please, and the place cravat park moisture or water of gush a few, after making its ruffle place restorable, close to dry place to make the same score again put or condole stands.

5.After cravat sticks smeary dirty, instantly dry-clean.

6.Handle ruffle of tie tie mouth, iron with low temperature of steam electric iron please very hot, bath and high temperature iron very hot, the capacity is caused be out of shape and be damaged.