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Silk, " the home spins popularity " vane

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China is the country that invents silk the earliest, chinese silk is in early BC from Liu Hai two pass, the western world original understanding to China, begin from the understanding to silk namely. It is early when the Warring States, the west call China " filar country " , chinese silk praise fall all over the sky. But be in latter-day, chinese silk begins to lag behind at the west, in the west Jiangrewen is changed and develop below industrial action, european silk rises to lead position. In the meantime, euramerican the fashionable center that is current world, advanced fashionable culture gifts ceaselessly silk with new style and features, accordingly, silk becomes Euramerican the classes to favor " fashionable cosset " . If say " popular " it is follow the fashion, so these alive bounds are vogue of central happening " new style and features " , undoubted meeting is " focus " , chase class to be conducted to low layer market, cause mutiple level the market " the home spins popularity " oscillation and patulous. Accordingly, the vicissitude of the market of Euramerican silk product, often the vane that the home spins product popularity, pay attention to research to master the rule of Euramerican silk popularity and essence, OK control comply with " the home spins popularity " active advantageous position.
Although     is Euramerican the configuration of market silk popularity is Protean, but commonly 3 features keep basically changeless:
The extravagant concept that noble of     make public consumes
    silk is in Euramerican all through the ages times suffer advocate. Allegedly, triumphant the filar gown that scatters China of great emperor dress goes theatrical playgoing, caused full-court sensation, be considered as all-time luxurious. Chinese silk becomes one of Europe's rarest luxury at that time, the price and gold are equal. This idea continues all the time up to now, when the fashionable center of this age bound, the high-end market that Euramerican home spins, still still be by dictate of high-grade silk product. High-grade silk product this so by accepted for luxury, because she has the culture intention with big gain,be, of the noble savour and artistic and idiosyncratic. After the social class that becomes a person reachs peak peak, commonly used and special lifestyle will convey his point that exceeds wind, this seems to had become the consensus of the classes. In a lot of countries, empress ascend the throng is wanting silk skirt outfit, premier assumes office the vest that should overspread black velvet, despotic gentry, lady attends state banquet to must want to wear silk dress. In the classes, have be equivalent to one part person spinning things in order to use silk home to be flourish. Accordingly, the presentative change myriad that no matter silk is popular,comes how many years, but always be in repeat emphasize a concept, it is the connotation of costly luxury. Compare practical function, textile of silk family expenses is more outstanding art and illuminative value, pay attention to the social class of make public host and artistic appreciation. Accordingly, popularity of market of Euramerican high end is at present high-grade decorate silk goods. Price of this part product is high, often not be in the factory large quantities of quantities are produced, entrust special design of famous design firm to make however.
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