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"Chump " dress major develops the dress set system such as cloth art bag, cap

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Xiamen city beauty extends labour trade limited company held water 2004, be one dedicated the new-style dress business of the design at dress dress and relevant and outspread product, production, sale. The littoral city that its produce base to be located at beauty -- Xiamen. Have below the banner " chump " art bag mixes recreational cloth " power Sha slave " the princess holds 2 brands, it is technology of dress of a collect research and development, production is made and the market sells the business at an organic whole.

"Chump " dress major develops the dress set system such as cloth art bag, cap, give priority to melody with recreational romance, use linen-cotton fabrics, agile modelling, harmonious color, model give a kind " amiable " vogue. Glamour results from solid, with respect to the design style, craft that make character, "Chump " of pursuit is a kind of casual nature is revealed, the amorous feelings that is full of pure romance shows the design color of plain rustic breath fully again however. The knapsack of the bag placing a shoulder that rolls out distinctive and novel various money form ceaselessly, inclined satchel, handbag, side, purse that reachs cap and design diversity. In colour collocation is applied go up to look with pure and fresh bright to the person natural brand-new experience. "Chump " or relate cantabile past event, or amorous feelings of daydream different region, or enjoy pure time, be aimed at current different age paragraph the female's be fond of, and popular trend, roll out ceaselessly novel and easy, the design that try to be unique, each are leaking different mood story, the leading role with the different move that accompany line, give a person forever eye of pure and fresh bright, of natural harmony brand-new experience.

Subordinate " power Sha slave " the collision that brand female outfit is style and grade, reflected the new form of modern city female. With 18, the woman that client group fixed position of 35 years old portrays longing to become a princess. The princess is a kind of temperament, let tradition and change in changeless in seek real change, with delicate design a concept beautifully only, timely design is designed, model: Melting princess, elegant princess, high princess, traitorous princess. "Power Sha slave " brand female outfit emphasizes sheet tasting between can match quality. Want you to have only " power Sha slave " brand daughter installs you to be able to become you oneself the princess in the heart. "Power Sha slave " the product location with brand female perfect outfit and the sale with good character, professional product are system, unified sell an atmosphere, perfect major to give aid to, for " power Sha slave " the brand joins in business people provided broad client group, brought up vast profit space, make " power Sha slave " female outfit brand makes brand of first selection of city vogue female.
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