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Price authority affects Zhejiang export: Sheng city cravat rises in price

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The tea of Zhejiang and silk hold the market share of above of global half the number for years, among them silk export volume takes the whole world the market share of 70% above. But on the power to make decisions that exports the price this year, both the situation that face differs completely.

Tea exports profit to be compressed

On August 10, zhejiang saved hall of collaboration of foreign trade economy to announce Zhejiang tea exports a circumstance first half of the year this year: Export a quantity first half of the year ninety-two thousand two hundred tons, amount 196 million dollar. The export volume of main breed green tea is eighty-nine thousand six hundred tons, exit forehead 186 million dollar, grow respectively compared to the same period 7.5% with 25.1% . The small green tea that pack (3 kilograms the following) average export unit price is 2595 dollars / ton, rise compared to the same period 15.4% , the corresponding period packs green tea to export unit price greatly 1330 dollars / ton, compared to the same period small go up 6% .

"The tea price of Zhejiang sells higher than in former years, but this is to build the base that increases substantially in cost to go up. " Wang Bing says, the RMB appreciates since this year extent has exceeded 7 % , labour force, the sources of energy, content sheds cost to wait to all different level rises, of price of green tea export go up a cost that cannot offset these rise, profit space narrowed.

Wang Bing says, at present Zhejiang green tea still does not have the price authority on international, the price still is control of the home that be bought by abroad. "On one hand, the industry of green tea is spent centrally too low, the product is begged for be more than, mutual demand a low price is malign between the person of the same trade competitive circumstance is very common; On the other hand, the export market of Zhejiang tea still basically is centered in Africa, 3/4 what export the forehead to hold total export, the product majority that African market needs is cheap raw material tea, very sensitive to the price, the price rises to purchase the land with respect to meeting move. The price rises to purchase the land with respect to meeting move..

Silk carries valence bravely to obtain self-identity

Face the pressure that cost rises likewise, zhejiang silk is in behave very toughly on the foreign trade market first half of the year this year.

Base Sheng administrative division is produced in global cravat, place's biggest cravat company -- Jin Yao of president of group of Zhejiang Ba Bei thinks, all sorts of new addition cost, press in exit all valence is 2.35 dollars about / on cravat, the cravat industry of Sheng city is faced with profit to decrease further even the situation of deficit. He thinks, if every cravat raises price 5 cent, industry of Sheng city cravat can get 20 million yuan net gain more.

April, the cravat cartel of Sheng city rises to negotiate with the foreign trader, the course talks things over, 6 Japan purchased business to agree with 0.2 dollars above all / the requirement that raise price. On April 30, the United States some is big the company agreed every color to knit real silk cravat to raise price the requirement of 0.1 dollars.
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