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Sales promotion gift steps trade solution service

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Lima hope seeks advice to provide personalized service for the client through offerring solution of client whole product. The product value that can let a client experience Lima through such service promotes client product market the effectiveness of promotion further at the same time.

1. Offer sales promotion program, reach commercial goal, promote a brand value:

What is the strategic property of the brand? What are fixed position and the advantage that need dissimilation? Actor defect how? What is the task of sales promotion? Be to solve commercial problem to still want to use business chance? Do you want to the behaviour of what person affect? To what are they interested? Their what behaviour to you want to strengthen or change? In other words, are you specific what to hope they are done?

2. Offer be based on different the product of commercial sales promotion that gives way:

Here should discuss forms of 4 kinds of main gift sales promotion above all: Add at the gift that pack, shopping gift, mail gift and cost valuation are tasted. We should understand the characteristic with these a few kinds of respective forms, but in practice, these 4 kinds of means are mutual and shirt-sleeve, produce the 5th kind of form from this, the brand extends sales promotion.

3. Offer the sales promotion product that is based on brand connotation, extend brand space:

40 years ago, enterprise rely at " resale value maintains " policy, the brand changes a sale not to mature. At that time the hairstyle of people no matter how pattern change goes, the dress that also won't wear Brylcreem absolutely rambles on the street. Meet what show the ticket of Burtons in the shirt without the person outside. When the special of feline king is sold, also won't accessary gift. The change of commercial competition property caused the decline that cost valuation tastes, what this kind of change brought about a brand to extend sales promotion likewise is arisen. The sales promotion of the Hagendasi that says before this chapter is a typical case. A lot of person that such sales promotion is sales promotion brought profit.