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How do 6 kinds of men wear business suit

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How do 6 kinds of men wear business suit


Although say to come from fisher, the antecedents of business suit is not very elegant, but business suit already was the sign that holding in the communication of alive bound culture like that truly. Business suit is one of modern man's basic dress, regretful is the path of the dress that a lot of men can not hold business suit well, how to wear business suit ability decently after all?    

Search the color that suits you the man is actually stolidder than the female to colour, and the color that the key with reasonable and tie-in dress depends on colorific choosing experts to press hair color, color of skin and eye distinguishs men it is 6 kinds, the man of type of avery kind of has the corresponding colour that suit to match, we might as well consult.    

Brunet model
This kind of man has the hair of dark look and eye, yellow arrives the Oriental color of skin of palm black, accord with the feature of compatriots quite. This kind of person chooses brunet business suit, comparative and intense colour collocation can appear healthy more have life. The charcoal gray of nowadays popularity (simple color, braid close) and charcoal is Brown, blue-black (simple color or dot of the splash that bring element, stripe) dark olivaceous business suit is right choice.

Light model
Face fair-skinneds in vain, light color hair and eye. Need to notice dress colour need not pass to cross ash greatly, or use transfer lubricious shirt adjust evenly, lest affect complexion. Single look or the business suit that place grey vitta grain can make you appear elegant, charcoal color, shallow blue, gray and Brown series are optional.    

Bright and clean model
Itself is tonal and comparative very intense, colour of hair, eye is very deep, the skin fair-skinneds in vain however, this kind of man suits tonal and colourful, rich dress. Single look or the business suit that have comparative and intense streak, charcoal gray, navy, charcoal is brown and deep olivaceous or bottle green suits quite.    

Dark look
This kind of man looks lack a feature quite, hair, eye, color of skin is middler, have an eye not quite, but dark lubricious dress can reflect an elegant bearing in the choice. Can try a few neuterer tonal and the business suit that contains the stain that be the same as color, charcoal gray, shallow purplish blue, grey La Lu of green, dust-colour, charcoal OK.    

Need not too trendy
Unless you enter literary program, or at hand is ostentatious like to chase after tide, too trendy attire perhaps can allow female work in the same placing the feeling individualizes, but the allergy that suffers male colleague and boss necessarily. Because, such attire have traitorous feeling to the person. Although, contemporary company is worn to people of outfit include degree rise somewhat, dan Chen red, apple is green the impression that wait for arena business suit or gives a person rebel against orthodoxy, it is good to still be guarded.    

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