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Cravat history (3)

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Cravat history (3)


•  cravat is in China    

    cravat has account in document of Chinese ancient time, " annals of the five elements of · of history of the Song Dynasty " in silkworm of county of the North sea weaves thin silk oneself, become cravat. Cravat is here those who point to archaic collar to go up act the role of an edge, the cravat that is not now. In light of the history that travels from cravat, the time that cravat passes the time of philtrum country and suit the earliest to pass into China is consistent roughly.

    suit passes into China, take the place of in Qing Dynasty about terminal. The person at that time, the public figure that has bit of capacity especially wears the aba mandarin jacket that considers as the quintessence of a country. Who if the first puts on a suit, that is a risk everyone's condemnation of course. Allegedly the first wears the old son of a feudal prince or high official that of the suit is Yan Fu of big ideologist of clear minor details, this childe is tasteful Ti Tang, be proud madly unruly, the person calls severe son of a feudal prince or high official at that time. He holds fluent English, ever had done the interpreter of diplomat of a France. This diplomat sees he often wears aba short A Chinese-style unlined garment, say: Your this body dresses up no-go, still be inferior to wearing business suit! After severe childe listens, not Wei person character, resolutely cut off braid, wear a business suit, hit cravat to go in capital street. Of course, be unavoidable to draw on censure, but his courage is dye-in-the-wood.

    smooth mood (after middle period of 1875 one 1908) , go abroad day of the person that study abroad is much, the suit is above all between these philtrum be current, after going back to the motherland, continue to be being worn. In a few treaty port, the youth all wears a suit unexpectedly, with pretentious home village or town, the great anger that stubborn partisans sees, evil seeing the outfit that serves a foreign country, try deride. Move business suit person recriminate: I changes Western-style clothes, of solid foreign country take. Fair try face lens to be illuminated oneself, is dark clothing of Yigu denied? Build ear of Yi Manzhou clothes and hat. Full administrative division is in bright also be in foreign country. It is fair take with what I originallies to all serve a foreign country also, xi Zeyan. Stubborn partisans is gotten by mock at a loss for word, speechless.

    is western dress culture of the representing with the suit, it is the Xin Hai that leads with Mr Sun Zhongshan after revolution overthrew the last feudal dynasty, begin to ascend Chinese history scenic. October 1941, government of the Republic of China is announced take make, set it is dress suit with Western-style dress, with blue gown of man blue gown, woman jacket skirt is Chang Li to take. This system, fail to be executed in folk later. After 1919, the suit regards the indicative concussion of new culture as traditional aba mandarin jacket, suit just gradually be able to popular. To this century 229 time, wait to develop littoral with 10 Tianjin of Shanghai, Guangzhou the city is a center, in brownstone the upsurge that wears a suit is lifted in the clerk of foreign firm of the young student with the school, teacher, company and each mechanism.

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