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Cravat culture

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1. Inheritance Europe classical cravat makes technology:

Cravat makes technology already from the most primitive " a rule and an a scissors, sewing machine " the cravat that development lets thunder cravat use France to make equipment of high-grade electron jacquard weave and run in the family by the technician with traditional masterly craft to today makes technology.

2. Perfect and careful fabrics chooses:

Cravat letting thunder is used spread out be as long as the mulberry silk of 100% high grade special grade of two kilometers energy industry spy and into. Line of root root silk is bearing with the perfect pursuit of brand letting thunder to character. Each cravat is fabrics feel full, colour and lustre is bright.

3. Provide fashionable colour element combination most:

Cravat letting thunder introduces France in the round newest colour combination. Rectify the current situation with onefold colour of product of domestic cravat market, the fashionable element that makes the person that wear comprehensive and synchronous experience international quality product.

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