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10 big cities of Chinese " the man is worn outfit habit " analysis

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10 big city men of                         China are worn outfit habit analysis
Shanghai man
Compare with other city photograph, shanghai man can say be style of the most exquisite grade, for instance: Business suit of a famous brand, wear go up in Guangzhou man body, perhaps can wear only piece extravagant enrage with money; And wear go up in Shanghai man body, wear a breeding possibly, wear a demeanour, wear a gent. Shanghai man has inherent aristocratic temperament, shanghai economy progress decided the accomplishment of Shanghai man and quality again. Shanghai man pays attention to his appearance more and more, their elaborate shave, tonsorial, fitness; They are necessary and fashionable magazine; Top class brand of their patronage world enters happy grade, like to enter happy grade will contemporary be united in wedlock with the tradition, bringing the fashionable dress style of thick gent flavour.
Shenzhen man
Shenzhen man comes from all corners of the land, without oneself culture basis, finalize the design very hard. But their intelligence quotient is high, much gold young, pay attention to oneself explicit figure particularly so; The sedate demeanour that business suit change walks on, optional and free and easy recreational temperament, the all the time keeps high-spirited, shenzhen man is inventive fortune, also be good at enjoying fortune.
Harbin man
Harbin man appearance is lofty key large, what disposition has northerner is straightforward, forthright, what take Leng Leng at sexy syncopation is proud with unruly. Harbin man treats dress dress, apparently frivolous, still care about than the woman actually. Some men a few cravat make a few Western-style clothes the world, some criterion hand arrives capture will in chest capture which is which. If you see on the street which man often wears the dress of a kind of style, do not think he does not know style, actually he is to borrowing dress to conceal a heart, those who dress up him is arrogant with distain, enter with alleged vogue stream. The demeanour of Xiang Yu the Conqueror of the old man creed of Harbin man and northeast tiger, resemble a formal attire, look very beautiful, suit to occupy the home not quite however.
Nanjing man
Nanjing man both neither is v/arc true man, also not be young man, have bit of careless and casual, not quite the image that minds oneself, be in mount advocates recreational with leisurely and comfortable. Their everything not quite dispute, this kind of honour or disgrace not the greatest charm that the quiet energy of life of Jing is Nanjing man is reflected.
Chongqing man
Chongqing man is forthright honest and frank, strong quantity and have principle of old man a bit, chongqing man's hot cub strength is like is not too exquisite to his outside figure, unless boss asks strictly, otherwise they will never business suit change is walked on, neatly dressed, they aux would rather bade with wife on the wine desk that the money flower that buys Western-style clothes is entertaining a friend, it may be said has friend to come from distance, extremely.

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