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" tie tie law "

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Present common cravat has   commonly method of 3 kinds of departments: Namely brief summary, medium knot and big bear. Brief summary also makes common form or austere written guarantee, if plan institute shows,tie a way: The big head of cravat approachs small head, after circling circuit round small head, make big head crosses this circle to fasten; Big bear also cries " Wen Sha writtens guarantee " , it is the Wen Sha with famous England allegedly ducal invention ties a way, reason gets a name. Tying a way is big head after approaching small head, preexistence is small a side circles circuit, return big head a side to circle him circuit again next, circle circuit round small head again, let cross this circle to fasten in the head; The knot also cries in " small Wen Sha writtens guarantee " or " half Wen Sha knot " , the size interpose of the knot writtens guarantee at common form and lukewarm Sha between, tying a way is big head after approaching small head, preexistence is big a side circles circuit, circle circuit round small head again, let big head cross this circle to fasten next. 3 kinds of common characteristics that tie a way are small head a side is not moved, big head is circled round small head, slipknot is when opening so is not fast knot.

One, Wen Sha writtens guarantee


2, common form


3, small Wen Sha writtens guarantee


4, bowknot


     cravat is 45 ° inclined silk cuts into parts, because can avoid to fasten the Lv that malformation appears when plunging into or plait so, the adjustable flexibility because of inclined silk, those who show necktie is elegant He Xiao is aspersed. Accordingly, examine the actor bad of cravat, when seeing a department plunge into above all remove Lv whether easily. When cutting out, not be inclined silk, the liner when making is not added stick, or the quality of line closes to be able to appear nevertheless although,rise easy, but loosen more easily.

     cravat writtens guarantee unfavorable department has been gotten close, because cross close ties,can be when open on cravat leave crease. But also cannot too loose, too loose make cravat loosens easily, after hitting end especially, must up taut, small cock of tie tie Ying Wei, never condole of ground of be slack and perfunctory is hanged in get, can appear slouching in that way. To remind people taut your cravat, do not buckle the first button of the shirt please, will help tie of or so shirt by cravat close, this also is European habitual practice.
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