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Those who accompanying rich of article of the 3rd Shenzhen to meet is royal kick

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Rich of article of Shenzhen of my province project obtains favour on the meeting
Abstract] : Xuan of a bell-shaped percussion instrument of warm up of  of a surname of bad male of  of Mi Ling crystal clear seeks short for the Yihe River of ┗ Rong rare  " Can?4 the project faces global action business

Report from our correspondent 17 days morning, the 3rd China (Shenzhen) international culture industry reads extensively Fair can exhibit central grand opening in Shenzhen, my what be located in 1 to exhibit a house province is exhibited all show terrain distinguishing feature, movie and TV is moved free, travel entertainment, the press is published, ethical folk craft 4 big board piece the driving tendency that clarity explains me to save culture industry to develop, all-around the gain of plentiful and substantial that showed me to save culture industry to be obtained in recent years, add up to project of industry of 44 keys culture faces global action business.

Rich of article of the 3rd Shenzhen is met by culture ministry, Department of Commerce, country wide report total bureau, news publishs total arrange, Guangdong to save government of people of city of people government, Shenzhen to be sponsorred jointly, this is our country only level of a state, internationally, industry of omnibus large culture is exhibited meeting. Current Wen Bo is met by a definite date 4 days, will conclude at 20 days.

44 priority discipline " look for husband's family "

Those who accompanying rich of article of the 3rd Shenzhen to meet is royal kick off, "Culture creates business chance " the spot explanation that this word is met exhibit central fire to heat up by Shenzhen gets incisively and vividly.

The early days that publicizes the concerned branch such as hall of culture of ministry, province in provincial Party committee chooses meticulously below, 5 kinds big add up to what engineer maturity 44 I save project of key culture industry, collective appears on Shenzhen article rich to meet, become this second exhibit the one large window of the meeting.

The culture industry item that holds afternoon casts financing to recommend on the meeting, have quite one part investor expressed strong interest to investing me to save, this depends on greatly my province is in exhibit on an annulet section of elaborate design. In whole exhibit board on, have a group of numbers particularly marked -- " 2005, film of the Changchun City is box-office 6 million yuan; 2006, changchun 10 thousand amount to international film city to a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera 18.5 million yuan " , this one small design, pass bright contrast, showed the Changchun City and even Jilin ably to save vast culture industry to expand space and tremendous investment latent capacity.