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Cravat history (2)

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Cravat history (2)

Of •  cravat evolve

    1668 year, french king way is easy 14 Keluodeya is inspected in Paris mercenary army, the cloth belt that fastening on the collar of mercenary army officers and soldiers is the earliest cravat of historical data account. The history of cravat began from this; From now on, dress culture history go up to blooming to last long and strange flower of purpose of break gem boast.

    says cravat cannot leave to talk about business suit, can say cravat and business suit are brother of a pair of twin. The generation of cravat and the change that develop the man dress that is the same as seventeen century Europe are having very close connection.

The European man of seventeen century of     wears leotard, wear earring, wear a flower to knit receive a shirt, velvet, daiyi carries small cap on the head above the hairstyle that furls high, the small club that there is tassel with when with high respect raises it. The shirt regards as underwear is worn in inside, collar adornment is quite luxuriant, high collar added circuit lacy, on the embroider on collar beautiful falbala, collar is hit fold alternate to become anadem state, these collar are shown outside, can see from appearance. A vest is outside the shirt, drape short coat next, hose and tight breeches are worn below. This kind of dress that goes after luxuriant, exquisite luxury is in the noble is medium at that time the modernest what it contains female style is delicate and charming and effeminate, the model that is rococo style male take. Move the difference of the man of this kind of dress and woman is merely do not have filature, people ever had made a variety of effort transform man clothing at that time, the result is infructuous however.

    proclaimed till revolution of bourgeois of 18 centuries France what palace noble lives is terminative, the man abandoned luxuriant dress, change simple and simple dress. The Caesarean style dress of style of popular in those days similar swallowtail: Section of jacket tall waist, skirt places natural prolapse, big collarband adds lantern sleeve, bosom is the following somewhat attire, luxuriant neckband was done not have, acting get in order to folds in a garment, folds in a garment to black silk tie is tied before getting or tie bow tie. Cravat submits scarf form, wait with Bai Ma, cotton cloth, silk make, surround two rounds on the neck, the across before be being gotten, hang down next, also have hit into bowknot shape. This is in Falangshi novel " cravat " in visible: The collar that his sap green makes up stands very high, he is wearing vest of violet cotton print of a Nanjing, choker of black silk fabric is in his neck child on circled 3 rounds. Allegedly poetic Baron gives a way to cravat very exquisite, when when the style with his very satisfactory written guarantee, discard aside cravat personal accumulation if hill. The female also writtens guarantee in those days cravat, have a tie that installs a princess to like to combine black lace and bud silk to make, make elegant and chic bow tie.
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