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Exclusive cravat

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Exclusive cravat



· of    mark is spat lukewarm often raunchy. Once he from neighbour Situofu come back in the family, his wife asks how he doesn't written guarantee cravat went amazedly, because do not written guarantee,cravat is a kind discourteous. The wife is afraid of Situofu the person minds, for this downhearted.

    then, mark · is spat lukewarm hasten wrote a letter, it is with outfit of a cravat repeatedly in a small box, ask a person to send this hold a madam in the palm. Such the letter writing:

"This hold a madam in the palm:

   serves cravat, ask you careful look, this morning I stayed about 30 minutes over you, can forget finish tie. You are asked to return it to me after half hours, because this is my exclusive cravat.