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Cravat history (one)

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Cravat history (one)

    cravat is the dress that jacket gets a department, be fastened on neckband and be before the bosom knot, bow tie includes on broad sense. It is used with suit collocation normally, it is people (especially men) the basiccest dress in daily life is tasted.

Culture of the age that     cravat often can reflect a person that wear, profession, temperamental, culture and economic capacity are waited a moment, like be the same as other dress, it is the mankind's particular culture feature. Its generation gets geographical climate, life consuetudinary the influence that reachs aesthetic appeal, also be a kind of when development of social politics, economy, culture changes objective report, at the same time it is complying with historical tide as the child of material and culture, in beg in begging the United States newly, be in evolve into development ceaselessly in.

The origin of •  cravat

When does     mankind begin to tie tie, why to want to tie tie, what kind of is the earliest cravat? This is one hard the problem of textual research. Because the historical data of account cravat is very few, the direct evidence that inspects cravat is very few also, and the fokelore about cravat origin is very much, each one argument is endless and same. Induce, have the following kinds of views.

    cravat protection says to think cravat is the earliest traceable day ear graceful, teuton lives in remote, eat raw birds and animals, wrapping around hide warms oneself keep out is cold, fall down to do not let hide, they are plunged into with careless rope go up in the neck, bind hide. Come so, wind also cannot go from collar insufflate, already heat preservation with the root of fangfeng, the careless rope on their neck is discovered by Hesperian later, perfected cravat stage by stage. Additional somebody thinks the fisherman of cravat traceable seaside, the fisherman fishs in the sea, because the sea is windward big and cold, the fisherman goes up in the neck strung a belt, windbreak heat preservation, gradually belt became a kind of adornment. The geographical environment when protecting human body to be become in order to suit awaits a condition compatibly, it is a when cravat arises objective element, this kind of careless rope, belt is the most primitive cravat.

    cravat function says to think territorial integrity takes origin is the need that lives because of people, have some kind of use, here has 2 kinds of fokelore.

The brushs the mouth for the man only cloth that     thinks collar of man of cravat traceable England falls one kind. Before Industrial Revolution, england also is a backward country, eat the flesh to be caught with the hand, next chunk chunk ground holds mouth edge in both hands to gnaw, grown man popular full beard, chunk flesh is gnawed do mustache fat, male people is brushed with arm. For child cope with the behavior that this does not love the man clean, women hanged a cloth to brush the mouth for them only below the man's collar, long Er for a long time, this cloth below collar became England men's the adjunct of jacket tradition. After Industrial Revolution, british development becomes a capitalist state that develop, people is very exquisite to basic necessities of life, the cloth that is hanged below collar turned tie.
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