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Why to make red tie

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   report from our correspondent is well-known, red is the traditional color of republic party of Bush, blue is the traditional color of Kerry's the Democratic Party. And be in the 1st, when arguing 2 times, what hit in the gram is red tie, and the is blue unluckily however tie that Bush makes. Argue till the 3rd, bush was hit however with Kerry's same red tie. Have He Xuan opportunity among them?

According to inside personage analysis, traditional view thinks candidate should make red tie, because red tie can foil the person's complexion more ruddily, make the person looks more invigorative, younger, in the meantime, red still can bring person force to feel, make candidate gets the credit of constituency more easily thereby. Blue is a kind of color that makes a person quiet. So some people think, kerry issued greater time to improve his image in this Bibushen on the dot.
But also somebody is analysed, kerry hits red this compares cravat to dress up traditionally is to want what like republican the party publicizes to communicating his to constituency is not in that way " the freest manner and air " and " capricious " person, pay attention to a tradition in the life however, experienced cautious, be worth dependent person. And Bush makes blue tie, it is to hope to woman voter project oneself does not have invasive one side and the other one side that serve as the sensibility that fears official of commander in chief instead.
And when the 3rd controversy, perhaps Bush realizes, belong that part person of standpatter, won't cast vote to Kerry anyhow, so, like he does not care and appearing in the gram -- , the blue tie that ties all the time in before flat pick off two controversies, changed a tie of almost as same as Kerry gules small white spot to come on the stage.