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Cravat wears common sense

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Cravat wears commonsensible  

The man in      modern society is the gens that go all out in work, to live, for intercourse, he must leave admirable the first impression to everybody in social location. Elegant and humorous and humor style of conversation, easy manner is the obligatory course of every gregarious male, but it is the safeguard that wins full marks by no means, the grade that because tie tie,divulging you possibly stealthily, your heart world.

The man also needs colour to dress up, but overmuch colour can let a man become too colourful; The man also likes to shine beautiful, but the light of dense beautiful meeting lets a man lose Yang Gang, then randy colour and bright beautiful the man treats tie most piece colour, most the decorations of make public.

Once cravat appears in the man's neck to carry, reveal that one colour that cannot mask, that one changes, that one is refined, the world that holding in man of blue, black, grey unify, the light of neck edge a bit beautiful colour is casual an aspirations that reveals a man, man is right multicolored longing, then the man spread out infinite imagination between heart, or unruly or unrestrained, or elegance, or the cravat that reservation grows through growing communicates rich inner world come out. The man of wisdom likes pane design, because its consecution is clear, give a person spell able, intelligent sense; Romantic dot design represents adore, inclined what design showed a man to open unruly is free and easy. Gules delegate is blazing, be in love with and show loving care for; Blue delegate is implicative, elegant with temptation; Black criterion delegate is dark, sedate and clinging. So, the man appears to the endearment of cravat of course has solid psychological base.

     generally speaking, the colour of cravat must agree with business suit color, ability gives person visual sense balanced harmonious sense. Plain coloured the shirt matchs very easily with all sorts of cravat, but beautiful shirt and stripe shirt should classify is recreational shirt, do not suit to make tie so.
     cravat width and business suit get front of a garment to agree. At present with 10 centimeter wide for popularity. With Oriental height character, the length of cravat with 140-150 centimeter most standard. When making tie, the position of cravat just is built in suit most above leather belt head.
Cravat this already conspicuous and OK and frequent change and the thing of unapt beyond the mark make public, making the calling card of grade of social location man, the another status after making car of a watch, cigar, love is symbolic.

The material cent of cravat is a face, in, line 3 parts, weigh most with face and line should, classy cravat is to use fine wool fabric to make liner, advanced and special silk pledges jacquard weave cloth does fabrics. Cravat is 45 ° inclined silk cuts into parts, can avoid to fasten the tuft that malformation appears when plunging into or plait so. Accordingly, examine the actor bad of cravat, when seeing a department plunge into above all have lock whether easily, next, look cutting out is inclined silk, (Move toward from decorative pattern whether foul line of as pointed as cravat horn is parallel, can see whether be inclined silk cuts out, this stripe tie is the clearest) , liner whether docile. The design of cravat has the graph of stripe, monochromatic, geometry, graph that choose form and the cartoon that appear recently roughly design. Gangling bodily form person the design that uses density of degree of finish aptly. The person that bodily form waits in, optional inclined set geometrical appearance or pattern of geometrical floret grass, give a person with sedate, balance, decorous feeling. The length of cravat should choose suitable dimension according to his circumstance, average level is to fasten cravat hind, the bottom of cravat carries as it happens to be on buckle.
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