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How to choose cravat

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The breed of cravat can be divided mix for monochromatic cravat, printing cravat, jacquard weave cravat braid cravat. In addition, hand draw cravat and embroider cravat are regarded as curiosa.

The design of ⑴ cravat, pattern is various, but common but reduce 5 kinds. ① is inclined kind. The properties of its design is towards the left now or right, span is 0.5-1 inch inclined, it is traditional cravat pattern, gravity is dignified, circumstance of compasses of commonly used Yu Zheng. ② space design kind. Have diffuse sexual pattern. Pattern all around stay have equidistant blank, the galaxy that just like sky adorns, far-reaching and broad-minded. Suit an outing most or visit friend. ③ element makings is on-the-spot kind. Its characteristic does not have a flower for element makings, show fabrics instinctive quality only, if match with blue, green monochromatic business suit,cover, your person has grave and august feeling, comfortable deserve to act the role of at what business suit type subdues. Benefit of ④ admire at present kind. Peicili is Scotland with the city with celebrated fabric, appearance of its product lines has local distinguishing feature, pattern makes vortical body more, appear lively all the more and festival. ⑤ board piece master drawing case kind. This kind of cravat pole is like folding square babushka, although have extensive applicability, but of a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is too inflexible.

The design of ⑵ cravat. Basically be width (the widest place in cravat big head) change, commonly used width is 8-9 centimeter, the widest can amount to 12 centimeters, narrow only 5-7 centimeter, be in our country, men's the width of cravat is 8-8.5 centimeter. Women's cravat is 7-8 centimeter. This kind of change often changes as the width of business suit collar and neckband and change, business suit and shirt are gotten broaden, the width of cravat also broadens subsequently.

⑶ differentiates the stand or fall of cravat quality, can check from tripartite face: It is do not have weaving ill defect and defect of coloring printing disease in 33 centimeters of less than since big head for quality goods; 2 it is to use two tactics to help straight tie respectively after two end, look to remove 33 centimeters from big head inside have twist to become state of fried dough twist, the tailor quality of not screwy shape is better; 3 it is to use a hand to be among cravat hold, after unlocking, recover from an illness immediately, the quality flexibility that shows necktie is better, differ conversely.

The color that when ⑷ chooses cravat, should notice to be the same as business suit, shirt is suitable, make cravat, business suit and shirt make the suit with stereo stronger sense. Adduce of essayist of a few dress method of 4 kinds of basic match colors, the order by cravat shirt business suit labels: ① is thick, medium, weak. Dan La's business suit, the shirt of cyan, deserve to go up the cravat of common Gan La, just be like Chun Laijiang if light green is blue, peaceful is decorous, behaved the ad cool-headed and dovish temperament of a person. ② is weak, medium, thick. With afore-mentioned contrary, it is a center with brunet business suit, excessive the cravat to light color. By development shallow have arrangement already, have rhythm again. For example cinnamon cravat, brown shirt, chestnut business suit, the bark of official magnolia of one integrated mass, muddy is solid. ③ is weak, thick, weak. It is a center with brunet shirt, with light color cravat and echo of photograph of light color business suit. Abroad says for " sandwich " , although language is humorous, but however figure ground explained " 2 easy mix one deep " match colors characteristic. ④ is thick, weak, thick. For example dark purple color (violet attune muddy is blue) business suit, deserve to go up the cravat of thick dark purple, with ash tonal shirt forms contrast, china and not float, character and morals is decorous, it is the commonly used color of middleaged person.

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