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According to is worn outfit style chooses cravat

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According to is worn outfit style chooses cravat


The dress colour of     man than the female originally drab a lot of, and the cravat that can let systemic dress give prize most, in also be being given to secure the color that keeps in a few and design by a lot of men, investigate its reason: Because,be such collocation -- safe. Actually, want to read article only, you can be chosen not only safe and beautiful cravat.   

When a lot of     men are observing a lady, always can see the lasting appeal that ladies differ severally, had not analysed him man however. Whether does different man also have different taste, also with respect to this different move fits a style, this included cravat among them.   

     dilatancy rises, the man is in on outfit style have Thespian model, nature, ancient model, avant-courier, romance cent, these types decided the design of man cravat and color concern. Have representative cravat to have the following kinds: Monochromatic cravat, stripe cravat, petty design (be like: Roundlet is nodded) cravat, club cravat (the design such as caique, bat) , grid cravat, Peicili the cravat of design of vortex grain cravat, geometry. Carry a suitable tie!   

□ is Thespian model man  

Feature: Thespian model the man has tall type of build or figure, wide the face with wide shoulder, trenchant edges and corners.   

Suitable tie: Such man is complete when choosing cravat need not constrained the design at in a popular style and colour. The geometrical graph with the quality of a material of the luster such as silk, trenchant cut, the cravat with impression and design sharp colour contrast all can show Thespian model august feeling of the man, if special the cravat that dotes on dot form, also must choose big dot.

The tie that does not suit: Mix up is tonal, the tie with not clear pattern.   

  of □ nature man

Feature: Bodily form and facial features do not have clear trend, but can let the first time meeting person feels very amiable, have affinity, if go doing hairstyle to be able to appear extremely uncomfortable painstakingly, not good-looking also. Wear recreational outfit to be shown than formal suit forever self-confidence mixes is free and easy.   

Suitable tie: The cravat of hemp or knitting quality of a material, can choose club cravat and flowers and plants or animal design.

Improper cravat: The cravat of the luster such as silk, dot or it is the small design with downy appearance.   

  of man of □ ancient model

Feature: Bodily form is well-balanced, facial features is regular, give philtrum the sense of the quadrature in compasses, it is the person that can wear formal business suit an advanced feeling most.   

Suitable tie: The color of cravat and design want refined, orderly permutation petty design and pinstripe form cravat, only ancient typical man wears ability to be able to have elegance, high individual lasting appeal, but cravat impression and design color do not want too comparative, and cravat quality of a material is mixed with thin hemp knitwear is advisable, of real silk cannot burnish sense is too strong.

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