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Cravat is classical knot law

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Cravat is classical knot law

The first (Abe spy prince writtens guarantee)

Applicable Wu Lang is overflowed buckle get reach a needle to receive series shirt the fine money cravat of softness of tie-in and romantic material

Making a way correctly is: In wide margin first the space with longer obligate, when be being circled the 2nd round as far as possible joint is together, can complete this one perfect form model.

The 2nd(4 hands written guarantee)

It is all bow tie in of the easiest begin. Applicable the romantic series shirt at all sorts of design and cravat.

The 3rd(romantic knot)

Romance is a kind of perfect knot model

The wide margin that reason suits to use the collarband at all sorts of romantic series and shirt to complete lower part of after general knot is pressed can narrow with crape to fold its written guarantee model narrow Bian Yike moves it toward the left and right sides make its small appear half Wu Kuan


The 4th (half lukewarm Sha writtens guarantee)

This knot very grace and infrequent

Its make a way also more complex

It is easier to use fine money cravat begin

The needle that suits to match in romance most is gotten reach shirt of series of standard type collarband

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