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Guideline of cravat choose and buy

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Cravat can reveal a lot of secrets of the man: Your grade, your mood, still have your profession. What kind of cravat ability makes quite you with changeless should 10 thousand change -- can be in already all sorts of accident circumstances are safe pass a barrier, can you disregard seasonal replace again?

* monochromatic cravat will make newest trend, let you look to have fashionable feeling very much.

* knits beautiful cravat: It is the design with very popular nowadays. The design on cravat is not to imprint go up, knit directly however go up in fabric. This kind of craft makes fabric has grain feeling.

* printing cravat: Be about to once more popular. More exquisite on coloring craft.

* braids cravat: Very as appropriate as casual collocation. Silk braids the combination with cravat and athletic more perfect jacket character.

* classic pattern: Diamonds, bit, big dot and stripe.

* classical color: Straightforward of navy, suddenly is wine red, silver-colored gray.

* material: The key of high quality cravat. Choose real silk, pure wool or pure cashmere metal.

The line in * : The cravat of different material, in the material of line is not same also. If of cravat hang down feeling is first-rate, the material that shows li of line is proper.

* length: The standard length of cravat, from top should be 56 inches to another top (142 centimeters) . This length suits the male of 98% to use.

* width: The standard width of cravat, in the widest place should be 3 3/4 inch (9.5 centimeters) . Nevertheless, cravat or wide or narrow, be as the tide at that time of alternant rotate. And, you are completely OK decide according to oneself be fond of.

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